With just a handful of windsurfing athletes signed to Red Bull it has become a fairly high accolade within our sport to be a team rider for this renowned energy drinks company, a company that seems to be almost everything that is extreme within our world. Sorry guys this is no Boardseeker Babe but we 'kinda' think it's one hell of a giant leap better...

...when we heard that female Russian windsurfing superstar Olya Raskina was signed up, we were keen to find out more. The problem was, we received the action pics and then found ourselves almost speechless.

Read our featured interview with her over the next few pages.

Photos by www.kirillumrikhin.com


A dream come true?


One of my dreams, yes. It is definitely a great challenge and a great opportunity for me, as I’ve always had a lot of ideas and now I finally got the means to make them happen. Red Bull has been extremely supportive towards me and I’m very grateful to them. We got fantastic male Red Bull athletes in Russia and I’m very lucky to be the first Russian girl of extreme sports to join the team.


How will Red Bull help you this year?


Red Bull gives me the opportunity to actually do what I like and focus on different projects rather than only competing. We all know how small our windsurfing world is and how very few people follow the tour, so my main goals would be travelling to unique places in Russia where no one has ever been before and bringing tons of footage and travel stories from there. It won't be windsurf only projects, but completely different ideas for a wider audience, also collaborations with athletes from other sports and countries. I also have a few big projects in mind, but let me keep it a secret for a while.


Yeah for sure, we are an amazing team, a big family, where everyone does what they are best at and Red Bull helps our wildest dreams come true.

What are your competition plans?

I will go to a few events both freestyle and wave but I won’t be able to follow the whole tour as I will be involved in other projects as well.


Travel plans?

I’m so excited and so amped to finally be able to travel and discover places in Russia. You have no idea how BIG our country actually is, how many seas, lakes, crazy insane spots we have. My job would be not to just shoot movies for windsurfing but to be involved in various projects for ordinary people not familiar with windsurfing. In such a way I hope our amazing, beautiful, fantastic sport would become known among wider audience and help our industry.


What are your goals for 2014?


What's your favourite kit setup?

I enjoy sailing in light winds and big waves, so that would be a NeilPryde 4.5 Fly HD and a JP-Australia Twinser Quad 68 for wave riding and I like small sails when I freestyle, so it’s a NeilPryde 4.2 Wizard with a 90 JP Freestyle Pro. Definitely, MFC fins, a 16cm for freestyle and a set of 13cm for the waves, Roxy wetsuits, they tend to last forever, and a can of Red Bull to stay 100%.


Favourite place to windsurf?

Mauritius. South Africa. Dahab.


Catch phrase??

Like Plato said the first and greatest victory is to conquer yourself.

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