Starboard has just signed female Irish Wave Champion, the lovely Katie McAnena, check out their press release below and an interview with the lady herself over the next couple of pages.

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In her spare time she travels the worlds shore line in search of waves while also competing internationally.

Starboard is delighted to have a charismatic and bubbly character such as Katie joining the Dream Team and we wish her the best of luck.

We caught up with Katie to ask a few questions…

Starboard: Hi Katie, we heard you just signed with Starboard, are the rumours true?

Katie: It’s the best rumour I've ever heard....not only because it's awesome but also because it's true. I am unbelievably stoked!

SB: Which boards (construction and size) have you chosen and why?

Katie: This was a toughy for sure. I've tried the Kodes and the Quads and both were super responsive and amazing to sail.

But considering my plan is to sail big, Irish, down-the-line style conditions I've ended up going for the Quads in wood construction.

I've found they're super solid but also not too stiff on the wave.

I weigh about 62kg so I've gone for the smallest Starboard, I have the 67L and also the 74L which should give me a good range across the mix of wind strengths we get here in Ireland.

SB: How do the Starboards and Hot Sails match up together?

Katie: Like milk and honey! They were made for each other! I sail Hot Sails Firelights and for me they are by far the lightest, most manoeuvrable, fun sails I've ever used.

They work so perfectly with the quads and I've seen how Anne-Marie rips with the same combo so here's hoping I can emulate some of her Starboard meets Hot Sails style!

SB: Which Starboard Dream Team Riders inspire you the most?

Katie: All of them, honestly. The Starboard Dream Team riders have always been to me, the pinnacle of windsurfing success in every way.

They all combine a mix of talent, style and professionalism. I've been looking up to them as ambassadors of the sport since I very first started.

Without a doubt my greatest inspirations are the Moreno sisters. I don't think the world has or ever will see women with that much talent ever again.

In the men's side I'd have to say Boujmaa for just being nuts and going for broke every time, Scotty's wave riding is phenomenal and of course Philip....well he's just Philip isn't he. Legend.

SB: So whats tricks are on the wish list at the moment?

Katie: Em I'm trying to learn some alchemy so I never have to work again and can just windsurf all day......!! But until then I really, really want to be able to do proper aerials...... Sigh! Some day!

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Katie: Yes I am so so stoked to be heading back to Baja next week to join the AWT posse and compete.

It is a truly magical place and I love my AWT family. It's just an epic atmosphere with pumping waves and a group of crazy talented female windsurfers. I can't wait!

SB: Windsurfing goals before the year is out?

Katie: I’m living on the West Coast of Ireland so as the autumn and winter swells and winds start hitting I'm all set to head to some remote, stunning, big, cold Irish waves!

There's a great bunch of hardy Irish windsurfers here and I get to go on adventures with Timo and Finn Mullen to some barren corners of the country.

I'll be competing on the Irish tour and also planning some trips to Cape Town and Maui as the new year breaks..... Just need to fine-tune that alchemy first!!

But mostly I plan to have fun, push my limits, take my sailing to the next level and have some serious craic on my brand new Starboards!! Lucky me!!

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