Simmer have officially launched their 2015 flatwater sails. You can find out all about them by scrolling through the next few pages.

Over to Simmer...

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We are proud to announce the release of our 2015 flatwater sails!!

With research and development linked directly to that of our race sails we have maximized the performance of all our flatwater sails. The general development trends have been to shorten the boom length with a enhanced clew cutout to promote the forward draft plus a shortened lower batten to improve the handling characteristics.

Our flat water range covers every need from entry level to freerace. The 2015 SCS and SCR will be launched in late November.


The Enduro is all about having fun. With its powerful five batten panel layout, it is easy to use and easy to manoeuvre. It features lots of low-end grunt to get planing early and to blast at high speeds. It is forgiving and allows the rider to maintain a comfortable stance through gusts and choppy waters. The Enduro is the perfect sail for the intermediate-to-advanced sailor who just wants to blast without the hassle of cambers. It´s been updated with Q-Ply panelling in the top for a lighter and more forgiving handling.

V Max

V-Max is a powerful 6 batten non cambered freeride sail which appeals to the freeride sailor who wants to maximize the enjoyment of planing without needing to work for it. V-Max offers quick and simple rigging, great low-end power and easy on-water handling. For 2015 we have made the larger sizes of V Max more compact so 6.0 / 6.6 / 7.2 all rig on 430 mast.


The 2XC is our 6 batten twin cam freerace sail which rigs on both SDM and RDM masts. With research and development directly linked to that of the Simmer Race Program, 2XC features all of the most recent innovations found in our full-bred race machine. Easy handling and high top-end speed.

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