Finian’s favourite Five

The 135 & 120

Finian: The shorter length compared to last year gives a significant increase in responsiveness as does the deep nose deck concave. The top-end speed has also greatly increased and the gybing/acceleration properties of all the boards in the range are superb. Vee in the nose to flat in the tail bottom shape provides an instant planing board in as low as 6 knots for the 135 and 8 knots for the 120, with excellent lift properties in a variety of conditions ranging from flat, offshore wind to onshore with big chop and waves. The new RRD limited edition construction is both lighter and stiffer than the competition and the boards feel crisp and solid on the water.

The 135 performs best in 7 - 15 knots with chop or flat water. I use 10, 9.5, 8.6m sails with it and 54, 52, 48, 46cm fins.

The 120 performs best in 12 - 17 knots of wind with any sea condition. Sails used; 9.5, 8.6, 7.8m and 48, 46, 42 cm fins.

The 112 & 105

Finian: These two mid-sized boards have been optimized for medium strength winds ranging from 12 - 30 knots. They both have the same scoop rocker line with the 112 utilizing the tail cut-outs technology of the bigger boards in the line. This helps with underpowered performance in lighter winds as this board size can be used by light sailors for that purpose. Both boards feature a more parallel and slightly longer outline for increased control and rail drive in powered conditions and multiple footstrap options to optimize foot placement, which is a big key in these middle sized boards as they must be the most versatile in the range. The 112 is particularly smooth and free on the water whilst still having great ease of use.

The 112 is a real performer with the 7.8 in 18 knots of wind with any sea condition. However, this board has the biggest range in the line with good performance in 12 knots up to 25/27 knots. I have used 8.6, 7.8, 7.0m sails and 42, 40, 38, 36cm fins on this board.

The 105 starts to shine in 22 knots of wind with a 7.0 and flat water. I’ve used 7.8, 7.0, 6.2m sails and 38, 36, 34cm fins.

The 90

Finian: The high-wind weapon is a board that the competition must be aware of! Superb handling, gybing and acceleration in winds up to 45 knots at the very extreme, but still having drive, on the tail light feeling and excellent top-end speed in 25 knots of wind. A very parallel outline coupled with a wider footstrap stance for increased control and a conservative vee bottom shape and rocker make this board a top choice.

Strong winds around 30 knots and rough water brings the best out of the 90 whilst using a 6.2 sail. However, I have used 7.0 and a 5.5m sail also and 34, 32, 30cm fins.

The Stats

Five boards in the range: 135/ 120/ 112/ 105/ 90 but all different.

Size Dimensions RRP
90 ltd 240x59 £1250
105 ltd 235x65 £1275
112 ltd 235x69.5 £1300
120 ltd 230x75 £1350
135 ltd 225x85 £1400

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