Tushingham X15 2008

Photos courtesy of 63pix.com/John Carter

It’s the new speed sail from Tushingham designed by Ken Black and expertly tested by UK speedster Bob Cunningham and by Paul Simmons at the recent Driven by Wind event at The Ray in Southend-on-Sea.

This is what Ken Black has to say about his speed baby:

Ken:The speed sails of old needed the strength of an ox to downhaul and the patience of a saint to get them to set correctly. The X15 is a lot easier and quicker to rig, but will still scare the bejesus out of you when you commit and bear away and want to go fast! Speed sailing is having somewhat of resurgence at the moment and I’m confident that the X15 will light the fire in many freerider’s bellies!”

NEW for 2008

10.8m: The X15 range has grown to include larger race sails suitable for Formula racing. The 10.8m is aimed at pure upwind/downwind course racing and a prototype was used by Alan Jackson to win the 2007 UKWA Slalom title.

9.8m: Brand new 9.8m - a superb largest sail for lighter riders.

9.0m: The highly tunable 9.0 is suitable for Formula racing when the wind is up, but under lower tension doubles as a light wind slalom sail.

The Stats

Size RRP
5.2m £329
5.8m £349
6.4m £369
7.0m £399
7.7m £429
9.0m £449
9.8m £469
10.8m £499


Single shot glass/EVA Deck.

More info

Website: www.tushingham.com
Availability: Feb 2008

Check out the latest from the boys at The Ray: www.drivenbywind.com