For 2012, Goya have added some new sizes to their already popular range. They have also updated the construction and graphics.


This is the board that most of the team uses. It is the Goya’s main waveboard. The quad-fin setup gives more drive, is better upwind and for all round faster riding. This is designed for all conditions from proper down the line to mushy small waves.

The Goya Quad concept allows you to ride a board around 5 litres more than normal.

The range has been expanded this year – a 68 and 104 has been added (68, 72, 78, 84, 92, 104). It is lighter than last year’s model with generous carbon patching from in front of the mast track to the tail as well as beneath the deck pads. This lightweight, Pro construction has the least warranty issues in the industry.


This single fin board is Goya’s one board for all conditions. The idea is that it changes from wave to freestyle wave to freeride to freerace depending on which size you choose. Available in eight sizes (72, 78, 86, 94, 104, 116, 130, 144) the ONE combines the best feature of all of Goya’s lines into one board.

This year, sizes 86 and above are also available in the new ECO construction. This uses a wood double sandwich to produce a good value for money, lightweight board.


For 2012, Goya are releasing a brand new Freestyle board, the Air. These boards have been tested, used and abused by Pro freestyle riders in Maui and around the world.

The short shape and flat rocker line gives great early planing and pop. The board has a large tail volume and bevel, especially for sliding tricks.

The board is available in one size only – 99 litres.