Gun Sails Flash 2008

This is Gun Sails’ freeride sail; a no cam, early planer with good acceleration and a decent top end speed. The main difference between the 07 and 08 models is the extra tube battens giving better control and a more stable centre of effort when the sail is at full power.

Over to Gun Sails designer Renato Morlotti:

“The Flash sail becomes completely neutral in the hands; the camless mast sleeve rotates quickly and smoothly, a big plus in manoeuvres. With only one trim adjustment the Flash covers a very wide wind range and offers superb performance, even in low winds. A high-output and performance-oriented freeride machine for all riders who want to experience the maximum of fun and pure speed”


  • Easy trimming with comfort pulley and low sleeve friction
  • More centre of effort stability and planing power from multiple tube battens
  • Multiple seam protection and foot guard avoid abrasion while uphauling the sail
  • Airfoil leech design for more control

The stats

Size (m²) Boom






4.8 173cm 414cm 5 vario 3.6kg £261
5.4 183cm 433cm 5 vario 3.8kg £270
6.0 192cm 445cm 5 vario 4.0kg £277
6.3 199cm 457cm 6 vario 4.4kg £288
6.8 205cm 468cm 6 fix 4.5kg £297
7.4 217cm 482cm 6 fix 4.9kg £304
Flash Advantage Rig Pack:

Buy the sail with a freeride mast & boom and get 10% discount. For example, but the 5.4m rig for £423 or the 6.8m rig for £451.

More info:

Click here for more info on the Flash Advantage Rig Pack