Naish 2009: Global Boards & Sails

Naish have come a long way from their days as a purist wave brand. They now cater for every stage of your windsurfing career and over the last few seasons have proved themselves in the freeride and beginner markets. The Global Board and Sail is Naish's "affordable" freeride range; a light, monofilm sail based on Naish's All Terrain together with a brand NEW Iggy/Naish designed freeride board that they hope will make Naish into the premium freeride brand rivalling, amongst others, the boys at Starboard. Bring it on!

NEW Global Board

Key Points

Designed specifically to provide early planing, acceleration and easy gybing.

Slightly larger fin for each board means it can take a bigger sail relative to the board's volume. Aimed at competing with the successful Starboard Carve range.

Naish say: "This affordable new range offers excellent all round freeride performance"

Construction: Single Shot Sandwich Wood

The Stats

Vol Length Width Fin Sail


236 61 32 4.0-6.0


240 62 32 4.2-6.5


244 64 36 4.5-7.5


246 67 40 4.7-8.0

RRP: £1075 (inc Naish Evo Board Bag)

To watch Michi Schweiger talk about the board go to Naish Global Freeride Board 2009 and click on the movie in right hand corner.

Global Sail

The Global sail, designed by Nils Rosenblad, is aimed at the biggest market in windsurfing. Easy to rig, easy to set up, it replaces the Vantage sail from five years back. The Global sail along with the Global board go hand-in-hand with your first venture into the world of freeriding!

Key Points

  • 4/5 batten monofilm sail
  • Based on the Naish All Terrain
  • Slightly de-tuned and lighter than the Naish Sprint.
  • Increased low end range
  • NEW tack fairing at base of sail with Velcro strap
  • NEW head protector

The Stats

Size Luff Boom


400 149


425 168


443 182


459 191


478 204

RRP: £341 - £380

To watch Nils talk through his Global creation go to Naish Global Freeride 2009 and click on movie in right hand corner.

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