Naish Sails 2009 - The Wave Collection: Force, Boxer, Session

The Force continues to reign as Naish’s premier wave sail with the Session ideal for the lightweights and wave purists but what about the Boxer, sneaking up on the other two with its own tricky ideas about wave sailing. After a long conversation with the UK Importer about the '09 kit, let’s find out what they’ve changed for 2009.

Onto the overall design across the range: firstly it looks more ‘square’ in the head and it has, apparently, more bottom end. This all leads to one thing: better manoeuvrability with some added power, ideal for launching yourself into the latest wave stunts. But don’t worry; the 100% x-ply sail has plenty of reinforcement for those painful bail outs. It also has the widest wind range (over the Force/Session). The Boxer is the radical, freestyle wave sail loved by John Skye and Julien Taboulet but don’t let that put you off– it just could be what you need to take your wave sailing to the next level.

Features on ALL sails: The window panel layout has been improved with visibility in mind. All wave sails have adjustable heads so you can sling on your 430 when you’ve just broke your 400 mast peeling down some awesome reef break but what to go and play more! All the usual Naish features remain but there are some nice extras like a new head protector, batten protectors on both sides of sail and a graduated scale for boom height written onto the luff.

The Look: The idea with the entire '09 range is that you can tell it’s a Naish on the water. Naish may have suffered in the past from anonymity whist other brands jazzed up their sails with shiny, colourful materials. Not anymore! Brand identity is very important to Naish and so, as you can see, whether you are on a Force, Session or Boxer, they all say – I am a Naish!!

Cost: TBC
Retailers: For Naish kit retailers follow this link
Availability: End of October to BUY. Demo sails available to try NOW from Naish retailers.