Summer Options

For those of us who don’t live in the Canaries, the light wind months are upon us! But don’t despair; just because you can’t get going on your 6m shouldn’t mean you give up on windsurfing completely over the summer. There are loads of kit options to get you out onto the water.

Yes, you won’t be planing but who cares - you’re still windsurfing. So this summer, think outside the box and get into light wind sailing. Cruising around the bay, long distance sailing, and mini-fishing expeditions or sharing the joy of learning to windsurf with your nearest & dearest. It sure beats sitting on the beach or worse still, shopping.

Note: These are all 2007 boards but there is a vast array of second hand light wind kit out there so don’t think you have to spend a small fortune to have some fun this summer!









Bic Techno £630. A board for young whipper snappers who fancy standing on that Olympic podium in 2012. Go to: equipment for the horses’ mouth verdict.
Mistral One Design £999. Tremendous amounts of pain & suffering has gone into making these beasts go just that extra half a knot quicker. Just ask any of the old Olympic squads about there 4 hour long pumping sessions and they will probably run to the nearest wave beach screaming, no more IMCO!! Now it is no longer the Olympic board, the IMCO is searching for a new role in life. Go on, give it a home.
Starboard Phantom Hybrid £749. Those busy bees at Starboard are never happy with their board range. Must add more boards, must cover every possible wind strength and they have gone and done it again. This time with a long board. So here we have one of the first ‘new’ longboards on the market. The hybrid is just the ticket for some summer cruising.
RS:X £1200 Get your wee laddy to learn on one of these and he could be bringing you home some medals and plenty of local paper coverage. However, the pleasure of sailing the RS:X board has made some Olympic contenders wish for the good ole IMCO days. Yes, it has had a poor start with bits falling off just before crucial races and costs that could cripple Sir Alan Sugar, but these are surely teething problems. Note: you will need to invite your extended family to the beach to help you lift it into the water.
F2 Lighting £1199. One of the many Hybrid boards to appear on the market. What is a hybrid? Basically all the boards that lost out to the RS:X board in the Olympic Trials, but they are pretty cool for big sail, high speed blasting, as well as non-planing days. Go to:

Exocet Kona £TBC. Unique concept, unique board. View the interview with designer Patrice Belbeoch.
Starboard Serenity £899. This is what happens when you give designers a free rein. Looks like a kayak, sails like a dinghy but what other board can be so much fun in 2 knots of breeze?!

Starboard Stand Up paddle board £TBC & Mistral Stand Up board + paddle £849. This is what happens when you spend too long on the Island of Maui. The swaying palm trees eventually drive you mad and you come up with a vision that what a windsurfer needs is a paddle board. Ideal for commuting to work once the English Channel rises by 6 inches but in the mean time enjoy looking like a total plonker at your local cross onshore, knee high wave shingle beach. You can attach a sail on it, but then why not buy a totally radical product built especially for that purpose – a windsurfing board!

Starboard Tandem Gemini £999. On the other hand, purchasing a tandem this summer will be the best fun that money can buy without visiting Soho. You’ll laugh until your lungs ache, you’ll knock yourself about a lot and you’ll wonder why everyone thinks they are easy to sail. In planing winds, they are anything but. Light winds however and the Gemini will be the perfect summer love match.