Nothing like a Friday evening session to kick off the weekend, and if they are anything like this then what a weekend it will be. Featuring Piotr Majcher in the ever so popular Fuerteventura lagoon.

For those living in the city of London it seems like there is one tube strike after another, so how about beating the crowds and cracking out the windsurfing gear, or we hear you can always go by coach... Thanks to Al Bentley for spotting this one, full story here for further inspiration.


Meanwhile in Alacati all is quiet on the PWA front as a light spell plagues the competition area. Nonetheless there is wind on the horizon and it is already building for today, no doubt competition will get underway shortly, you can follow live updates on this through the PWA Live Ticker. *Update* The heats have already begun.


That's all for now but join us again later for further updates...