It was a huge year for windsurfing with 2014 seeing some of the most gnarly moments in the history of our sport. The year had it all, the epic finalé of the Red Bull Storm Chase, the return of Indoor Windsurfing and some seriously heated World title showdowns.

Check out our most popular videos of 2014 by scanning through this feature.

Wave Tips: Pushy Forward a Windsurfing video by boardseeker

This might just be the only sport in the world where you can physically complete a full backwards rotation and then stop in the air and go back the other way. Here's how from one of the best in the world.

Red Bull Storm Chasing a Windsurfing video by boardseeker

It was a big year for the Red Bull Storm Chase as they completed their final round at the now world famous spot of Gwithian in Cornwall, England.

Rigging Challenge - Kenneth Danielson a Windsurfing video by boardseeker

Slightly missed now, our Boardseeker Rigging Challenge had all the pros facing up to one another in what was deemed to be the most crucial competition to date. In the end no one could beat the lightning fast Kenneth Danielsen and as a result his video proved so popular it made it's way into our top 10 most viewed videos of 2014. Ladies watch out, this guy's got skills.

Check out the final feature with Alex Mussolini here.

Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge iphone edit - Round 4 a Windsurfing video by boardseeker

It's not all waves and freestyle here, Boardseeker took a strong interest in the first ever Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge in Fuerteventura. Whilst there we were posting plenty of live updates from the beach thanks to the wonders of modern technology. We also have this to thank for our first ever Celluarmatography uploads, where our Smart (i)Phone met Videography to produce (some very nearly) live beach updates.

Whilst we were a little apprehensive about the quality it turns out the popularity was right up there, so we won't be afraid to use more of this in the future. Any other feedback is more than welcome on this.

Podcast: BWA Tiree 2014 a Windsurfing video by boardseeker

Now we head into the big players. With a dramatic jump in popularity, our podcasts fill up many of the 2014 top spots. Tiree kicks off the countdown.

Podcast: BWA Rhosneigr 2014 a Windsurfing video by boardseeker

Straight into another podcast and Rhosneiger shows its popularity which also includes a decent catch-up with Ben Proffitt.

Podcast: Tenerife 2014 a Windsurfing video by boardseeker

Heading into international waters and our in house videographer Alfie Hart managed to make it over to Tenerife where he produced this awesome update.

Podcast: PWA Women Tenerife 2014 a Windsurfing video by boardseeker

Now if there was ever an argument as to why the babes don't get enough exposure in our sport this might just help the fairer sex win over a few people. Topping our PWA Tenerife Podcast is the PWA Womens Tenerife Podcast and not by a handful of views but by nearly 15,000 views. What's more they took our first podium spot for 2014.

Hello ladiesss....

Podcast: BWA Cornwall 2014 a Windsurfing video by boardseeker

Cornwall has seen more than its fair share of windsurfing media this year. We had the Red Bull Storm Chase in January and the culmination of the BWA Tour just a couple of months ago. Actually it's not even the whole of Cornwall that is receiving all this attention, it's pretty much just one beach - Gwithian. World class, we think so.

Red Bull Storm Chase - Cornwall a Windsurfing video by boardseeker

An all out victory for the Red Bull Storm Chase, the event in Gwithian absolutely stole the show this year and so did our video. World Class Cornwall indeed.

Here's to an absolutely blinding 2015.

A very Happy New Year from all at Boardseeker.