History is soon to be set as the 2014 PWA Slalom World title will be decided this week. We are just six days away from the culmination of an exciting year on the PWA Slalom tour. With the final stop taking place in New Caledonia and only one winner, the outcome of which will dramatically decide who takes the much desired PWA overall title.

2012 and 2013 PWA Slalom Champion - Antoine Albeau

With just three still in the running and the odds heavily stacked against one of them it takes us down to two realistic contenders. However, we want your decision, who do you think can pull it out of the bag when it truly matters? Head to the final page to cast your vote. If you need a little cohesion or additional information then read on as we break down the year for each of the possible contenders and how the odds look for them.

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Current Rank - 1st

2013 Rank - 4th

2012 Rank - 9th

2011 Rank - 4th

2014 Results: 2nd, 1st, 2nd, 10th, 2nd

The fact that Cyril Moussilmani will already finish on the overall podium is an incredible feat for the Frenchman. However, he sits in the commanding position and has a solid set of results to back it up. His only minor fault in Alacati will remain as his discard and will most likely not come in to play, at least for his sake he hopes not. Having improved year on year since 2012 Cyril is prepared to unleash his cool headed approach to take the crowning glory of the windsurfing world. Cool headed you ask? Yes indeed as the main is so cool headed he actually listens to classical music through a waterproof MP3 player as he races!


How can he win:

It's perhaps the most simple of all, he needs to beat Antoine Albeau in 5th place or better. This said simple is perhaps not the right word because this is the PWA World Tour we are talking about, not your average Sunday afternoon race around your local pond. If we focus on this years stats alone then they certainly fall in his favour.


Current Rank - 2nd

2013 Rank - 1st

2012 Rank - 1st

2011 Rank - 2nd

2014 Results: 1st, 43rd, 1st, 2nd, 9th

It's hard to see Antoine Albeau walking away from this one empty handed. His consistent charge in the last three years has seen him as a near unstoppable force. Rarely has things not gone his way and no more so than in Turkmenistan where he got perhaps one of his worst results in the last ten years, if not the worst. This came about due the incredibly light winds which the competitors were pushed to race in. However, this said, on almost all other occasions Albeau has shone through, it is remarkable to see one of the heavyweights able to consistently win even when the winds are right on the edge. This is perhaps why he is once again in the fight for the first place.


How can he get there:

Well there is one way. He must finish 5th or better and ahead of Cyril Moussilmani by one place. So A2 fans out there, be prepared for an exciting finalé.


Current Rank - 3rd

2013 Rank - 12th

2012 Rank - 18th

2011 Rank - 15th

2014 Results: 3rd, 1st, 4th, 6th, 4th

'The Outsider', yet far from being an outsider, Pierre Mortefon who is just 25 years old is a well seasoned PWA competitor and has had some solid overall results in recent years. However, he's been outside the top 10 for sometime now. The question is, can he pull it off this year. Perhaps that's a question didn't need asking because wherever he were to finish he has had an absolute blinder and the fact that he is one of three who are in contention for the title race in the closing event is already a huge achievement. Yet he is there and he has a shot at the top, albeit one that is a little out of his control but not a far fetched reality.


How can he get there:

The other two contenders must fall outside of the top 5. The must both place 6th or worse and Mortefon must win. Or if they place 7th or worse he must finish 3rd, if they finish 8th or worse he must finish 4th or above and the pattern continues.