With PWA La Torche about to kick off we caught up with Fanatic Internationals top players, the current highest ranked windsurfer on the World Tour, Victor Fernandez and 5th placed Klaas Voget.

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PWA La Torche, did you ever sail here before, what are you expecting from the conditions?

VF: It's the first time ever for me in La Torche. I only sail here the first 3 days of my trip and this evening. I was expecting difficult conditions and big waves and I think it is. The waves get big very fast here and the spot changes a lot with the tides but I really like the location.

KV: I sailed there yesterday for the first time. It was pretty light and a solid swell, challenging, but I quite like that kind of stuff.

Victor Fernandez warming up the week before the competition

Tell us a little bit about the competition year for you so far?

VF: So far I'm very happy how everything is going for me. It's so difficult to stay up in the podium and I can't really ask for more. 1st in Pozo, 3rd in Tenerife & 2nd in Denmark. Conditions are always the same for everyone in contests so I just prepare myself and my equipment to sail as good as I can during the events. I just want to keep pushing my level as far as I can and if I sail good winning or losing is fine for me.

KV: It’s not really been great conditions wise so far, but I think we made the most out of it. I’m in the top 5 – so yes of course I’m happy! Now I hope we get firing waves for the last two events!

Klaas Voget in Sylt

The last two events are set to go off, the forecast for La Torche is incredible and Maui promises to deliver perhaps the best conditions of the year, are we about to see an epic showdown and are you looking forward to these events?

VF: Of course, this 2 events will be amazing. I'm really looking forward to them. I think that this year the PWA Tour is probably the most complete tour in the past 7 years with 6 events on the calendar. The forecast for La Torche is great and Maui always delivers. I'm happy to be part of it.

KV: I’m really looking forward to it! La Torche is back on the calendar after something like 20 years and should kick off right on the first day with solid waves and wind. And then Maui – which place could be better for a final!?


Do you feel prepared for these last two stops, have you done anything special to train for them?

VF: For La Torche I prepare myself coming straight after Sylt and I scored some good days so I have more knowledge of the spot. I always like to come much earlier to every contest we do. For Maui I prepare myself spending four or more months a year tuning my boards/sails for Hookipa and sailing many hours there.

KV: I’ve worked a lot on my gear this year and I think that is part of why I’m doing quite good this season. Especially when the conditions are tricky, it’s important to have the right stuff. I’m always in favour of bigger waves and this is what I’m hoping for for the two final events.

The week could see a range of conditions, Victor Fernandez has been here long before the contest to test the spot.

Will you be World Champion this year?

VF: Still to early to think about it but I for sure would love to get the World title, I will try my best.

KV: No – I guess I’d have to win both events and Victor has to finish last. I don’t really see that happening ;-)

Klaas clocks the hours in the cold spots of Scandinavia