Schermata 2015-12-07 a 22.16.30

As the freestyle level continues to push into the realms of the unreachable it seems that many of the earlier sliding moves are lost to the next latest power move, despite being technically equal or perhaps even harder in some cases. We bet that only a few riders are able to land willy skipper or tucan variations similar to what you see Balz doing here, perhaps a challenge is forming...

Over to Balz...

In the Swiss summer time the wind blows normally just on the edge of plaining with big sails, so we got lots of pumping willy-skipper sessions. Somehow I really enjoy those crappy tricks, and because we don't really get the chance to go big, I sometimes focus on all the possible wizard-sliding tricks.

I love lollypops, tucans too, so I thought why not put both tricks in one. It's really hard to stop a tucan spin and keep sliding reverse, but once you got the tucan on lock it's a super fun trick.

If you have the feeling the tucan is like flipping a pancake for you, go and try it clew first. It's a f***ed up feeling to kick your board away from your body and still handle the nervous sail.

The next step of almost every move is the no handed version. On a no willy's-a-drunk-skipper you're total not joined with your gear, so its comparable to riding a wild bull. And believe me when you land this beast move you feel like a wizard.

The move is easier than it looks, and tons of fun to spin “free" around. Just master the grubby first and then try one handed and then no handed.

Another combination move which really can suck, as it's really hard to stop a flaka upwind rotation put the feet out the straps and kick the board in the downwind willy rotation.