Alessio Stillrich is back with us on Boardseeker. After having taught us that size does matter, he now follows up with this:


How to tweaked pushloop in 6 easy steps

1 - Select a wave that you would choose for a vertical backloop and take off just like you would for this move.

2 - Make sure the feet are in the same place like a backloop until you are ready to throw the pushloop part.


3 - At the peak of the jump take the front hand of the boom and aim for the back foot to tweak the sail and your body, if not then you end up making just a normal pushloop.

4 - What I did to learn my style was to straighten my legs instead of bending them, I think this makes a difference.


5 - When you are in the tweaked position try to push the sail a little bit into the wind so it gets you back upright for the landing and gives you time to control the sail before you hit the water.

6 - Then the sail just does the rest for the landing, that part kind of comes naturally.

Alessio sent us too many shots so we made a gallery of pure windsurfing porn.

Photos: JC/PWA World Tour