You may or may not be at Defi Wind this year but either way if long distance windsurfing is your thing then our 8 point check-list from Björn Dunkerbeck should come in handy. Make sure you are prepared.

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The most important one perhaps is to check your equipment with plenty of time to get spares if you need. Make sure your harness and ropes are ok, take care to check the harness hook as well, this thing holds you for a long time.


Don't forget the importance of all of the parts on your board. Check your footstrap screws, anything bent or worn down, swap them over. Mast foot, this needs to be pristine, no cracks, nothing that looks worn, you don't want this breaking on you when you are being chased by hundreds of windsurfers. Lastly make sure your fins are prepared, smooth, no damage without a mark on them.

Make sure you can have two sails rigged at any one time. Looking at the really strong forecast we are going to be on our smallest gear, so rig your two smallest sails and test them before the race.


Sleep well, not just the night before but the nights before, you don't want to be tiring before everyone else, it's a marathon after all.


Make sure your GPS is fully charged and you know how to use it. Charge any cameras, action cams, etc...


A camelbak can be a great idea, 40 km is a 'bit' of windsurfing and again the forecast is mega strong so the water might be useful en-route.


Don't skip any meals and perhaps even try to add one or two in. Drink plenty of fluids the day before and in the run up to the event. Don't over do it but make sure you have no reason to blame your result on lack of nutrition.


Perhaps even more important than any of these tips is to just enjoy yourself. HAVE FUN, enjoy the incredible moment and come and say hi. Of course make sure you sign up for the Gran Canaria Defi Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge ;-)

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Additional images: Windmag