If you hadn't seen it already we recently published a stunning movie from Madagascar, a destination that is not so famous for its windsurfing, featured Sylvain Bourlard and a few friends from the neighbouring island of Reunion. We decided to hook up with the man himself to find out a little more about this stunning place.


Over to Sylvain...


The best period to go to Madagascar for windsurfing is between September and January, for surfing between April and July.

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There are many different spots where you can windsurf. Loha Jack is one of the nicest. The wind is side off and the glassy lefts are famous across the entire island. The wind direction must be from south/south-east. With the right tide Loha Jack can be a flat water spot perfect for freestyle, slalom and freeride. A bit further downwind, there is a secret spot that is good for jumping, it's usually a side/side on spot, it can also be a nice spot for surfing. This area can also be good for slalom.



Most of the time the wind is light, about 15-20 knots, but it can also reach 30 knots on windy days. With a 4.2 and a 4.7 you should be able to cover all conditions.


The conditions and the place is worth the flight and the long trip, that's a real adventure.

You have to firstly go to Tana (11 hours from Paris) stopover and fly to Fort Dauphin with "Air Madagascar". It's really a long way and it can happen that international flights with the company ATR doesn't carry your boardbags due to the little space in the plane.

The final destination in Lavanono, the city where I was staying. It's a small paradise completely cut off from the world. To find out more informations about the accomodation, the food and


everything else you can take a look at www.lavanono.com and get in contact with Gigi. The food is really good, what I really appreciated is fresh fish and lobsters.

The flight is definitely the most expensive thing, it's about 1100-1500 euros. Once there it's not really expensive, the appartments are pretty cheap and eating too.

If you're looking for a place to relax without many people you should try it out. Madagascar is a little paradise.