Two days ago Aleix Sanllehy dropped us a line to tell us about his new video. Packed full of action we were so impressed that we wanted to catch up with him for a classic interview. So read on to find out more about his recent sponsorship change, what his plans are for the upcoming year and some top tips on landing forwards and backloops.

Over to Aleix...

BS: Hi Aleix you posted your video recently and posted that you were stoked with your new gear, can you tell us more?

Aleix: Yeah, I’m really happy with my new gear, it really works amazing right now. The sails are very comfortable and resistant, they have great control in all kinds of wind conditions making the sails very stable, which, for me is the most important thing. About the boards, they are really different to what I was using before, the boards are faster on the waves and have an amazing carve, I’m using the Da Curve in thruster set-up because it makes it a bit looser but the quad also works super nice as well.


BS: You seemed to be rocking on the Goya gear can you tell us why you decided to make the move in the end?

Aleix: I really had the opportunity to stay on the Goya team for many more years but the truth is that I need a change in my mental and motivational aspects. Becoming part of a team where I can help a lot with the development of the gear and with the brand motivates me a lot. I really only have good words for the Goya team because I have a very nice relationship with all of them and they were supporting me for many years but this was a big opportunity for me.


BS: Tell us about your winter training, it seems like you are all over the place?

Aleix: This winter I’ve been in Gran Canaria to South Africa, Tenerife and actually now I’m flying to Hawaii.I trained really hard this winter, a lot on my surfing skills and then some much bigger jumping moves like the pushloop into forward loop and double forward loops.


BS: A classic question, can you tell us your aims for this year?

Aleix: Yeah, my aims are to keep on improving my level and keep on working hard with all my gear!! In competition I really want to get into the top 10 on the PWA World Tour and make some nice results in some of the important events.


BS: Can you give our readers your 3 top tips for landing forward loops?

Aleix: I would say the three most important things to land a nice forward are:

1 - To look at your back hand through the move,

2 - Also to put your back hand as far back as possible and pull really hard

3 - Lastly, it's very important to tuck your body up small so you make the perfect rotation. If you feel you are over rotating, open up your body more.

BS: What about your 3 top tips for backloops?


1 - You should really focus on looking over your shoulder and spotting the landing.

2 - Make sure you choose the right ramp; vertical, just about to break is normally a good start.

3 - Take out the wind from your sail during the move. If you are powered up when you take off then pump the sail hard at the top of the jump at the same time you look over your shoulder for the landing, Pump it a few times and hard.


BS: Can you tell us your perfect gear set-up?

Aleix: For me my best set-up is with a perfect 45cm separation between the front and the back footstraps on my boards, I use the thruster set-up. My sail should be rigged with just the right downhaul so the leech is a bit loose and then nice long harness lines, I use 46cm harness lines because I fell that I have much better control.