Aleksy Gayda is one of the

UK’s youngest wave sailors

and with a healthy repertoire

of moves under his belt he

has great potential. Not only

has this kid won several UK

Wave events, but he has also

secured the title of 2011 BWA

Amateur champion. It is no

wonder he has sponsors already

snapping at his feet. We asked him

about his recent training trip, where he

sees himself in the future and his new

sponsors Hot Sails Maui.

Boardseeker: Your first time in Cape Town and you were shacked up with Bubble, how was the trip for you and did you learn a lot?

AG: Cape Town was sick, got to sail and surf most days, which was amazing. It was really good going with Bubble, as he is a really cool guy and a really good sailor so it pushed me to go for it a lot. I managed to start pulling off some push loops and got pretty close to a couple of wave 360’s and got my back loops a lot more consistent. I even landed a couple of ponch’s on the lake. The trip was really good for me because it taught me to look after myself more and I even started to learn a bit of cooking skills thanks to bubble… ;)

Boardseeker: What were your highlights from the trip?

AG: It was all amazing. One of the best things was sailing Hagkat, that was incredible and surfing with a pod of dolphins and just being able to sail and surf so much, and all the people that I met, overall I just had an amazing time

Boardseeker: After recently being crowned as UK Amateur Wave Champion, do you have your sights set on higher podiums in the coming years?

AG: It would be really cool to do well it the pros and would love to get on the podiums but will have to wait and see what happens.

Boardseeker: We see in the video you are sailing Simmer boards and sails although recent news is that you are now using Hot Sails. How did this deal come about and what sails from the range will you be using?

AG: Well I had been looking at hot sails for a while and thought they look like a super good sail. Then when I went to Cape Town and I was sailing with one of the English girls, Debbie Kennedy, who has just gone to Hot Sails, she gave me the contact and told me to speak to them about getting a deal. They seemed super cool and really supportive and sent me one to try, so now I have joined the Hot Sails team and will hopefully be riding the new Fire light, which I'm sure will really improve my sailing.

Boardseeker: So you spent a lot of time with the freestyle boys, did this mean a few sessions on the lake for you also and if so what were you practicing?

AG: Yer I spent quit a lot of time on the lake it was really cool sailing with Bubble and Youp. When I was on the lake I was just trying stuff like spocks, grubbys and I some moves that will help me in the waves, like ponches and switch stance spocks and shakas.

Boardseeker: Do you think freestyle and wave-sailing should be mixed together in wave comps?

AG: Yer I think so, because then you can make more out of the conditions that we get at quite a lot of the comps as we don’t always get perfect down the line riding.

Boardseeker: So looking to the future, what's in store for Aleksy Gayda?

AG: I am going to try and do all the BWA comps this year and hopefully try and go to Tenerife to work at the OTC if possible. When I’m home I will try and do as much building work as I can so I can get some money together to continue doing the comps and travel a bit more.

Boardseeker: There aren't a lot of young wave sailors about, what do you think it will take to get more of them to the beaches and to the comps?

AG: I think if there was more events, with perhaps one down on the south coast so it wouldn’t cost as much to get to them. I also think the junior and youth fleet should be pushed a lot more as well, because when I first started doing the comps I only used to really do the Trevor Funnell freewave events and there used to be loads of kids who did them. They were really good fun as we used to have mini teaching camps and we were able to train together and have mini comps which enabled us to learn moves off one another, which built up that competitiveness.

Boardseeker: Can you tell us what your favourite kit set-up and conditions to sail in are?

AG: I think my favourite kit set up would be 4.3 and a 75l board and conditions would have to be logo high waves, slightly cross off, smacking the lips and launching into some nice aerials.

Boardseeker: How important do you see videos as a way of promoting our sport, should every rider be making them or should it just be left to the pros?

AG: I think everybody should make them, but it can be hard to find someone willing to sit on the beach and film all day…

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