We would like to mark today with a special tribute to Andre Paskowski, who should be with us celebrating his birthday. Sadly taken from us far too early, Andre followed a path in his life that many could only dream of. The worlds beaches were his local spot and travelling with the most stylish and progressive freestyler of our time was one of his main loves. Yet he managed to add on this and created multiple professional windsurfing movies with a large budget and high class action. Meeting the beautiful Carolina Butrich Schwartzmann, he enjoyed his final year with her by his side every step of the way and had huge support from his parents.


Hello Friends,

Now we will have to celebrate André's Birthday without him for the first time.

During the last years we had not often had the chance to be together with André, as he was somewhere in the world with somebody of you for training, fotoshoots or filming.

But this year it is really special to us.

We think of him soooo often and really really miss him!!!!

But we really appreciate that so many of you also think of André. That keeps him alive and he stays with us.

With some of you we had little ceremonies to say goodbye once more. These were places, which were very special to André. These moments were very very moving to us and we are proud that André has so many friends.

Once more we would like to thank you all for your great condolence and support. We look forward to see you again somewhere - maybe this year.

Click this link: www.aloha-andre.de and you will get to André's new website.

Here you get all infos, also pictures of the ceremonies and it leads you to the places.

In future we want to build out this site, maybe with your help, to show more about André.

See you soon!

Best regards

Annette & Ingo

Perhaps the 'founder' of Jericoacoara in Brazil, Andre was well known for being the driving force behind what is now one of the most famous windsurfing spots in the world.

2forTen might have been the start of his future. Having produced, and taken part in, other video clips and movies before it was really 2forTen that made the big time, and yes we enjoy going back from time to time and watching it again.

Following on from 2forTen were three other movies that everyone appropriately fed our cravings. These short webisodes were the movement where many of us got to know much more about Andre and his close relationship with Gollito Estredo. Let's be honest the videos were absolutely killer, we bloody we loved them all.


Road Trip


Then the blockbusters began with Four Dimensions. This video blew many minds as not only Andre stepped up the production level but also Gollito Estredo stepped up the freestyle windsurfing game.

And then there was this incredible moment that Andre captured with Francisco Goya.

And so, we all craved more, and more is what we got - Minds Wide Open


And perhaps the most hard-hitting documentary was this personal account with Andre himself. Magic Moments showed the truth of his feelings, not just the strength to fight but also the times that were tough, those times that people often hide from the public eye, it even made the hardest of windsurfers well up.

Nothing describes the passion that Andre had, but whatever it was, it was blind. He ignored the threats from doctors saying he had six months to live and fought past three years, he persuade his wildest dreams and inspired us all along the way.

Rest In Peace Andre Paskowski, we will never forget you.

His final card, his present to the windsurfing world on his departure was Below The Surface. You could see everything that Andre had become in this one movie alone, powerful and breathtaking, inspiring and professional.

We wrap up our memories of Andre with a gallery of highlights from his windsurfing career. The days he became European Champion to the times he sat for tireless hours behind the camera to capture the perfect shot.

R.I.P Friend