With the AWT Goya Pro Cabo Verde event coming to a close we thought we would wrap up in style. So we've taken our top picks from the epic shots that Si Crowther made during the event and put them in a gallery full of highlights and info. We also caught up with event winner Camille Juban for a short interview on his result, you can read that on the last few pages, just keep scrolling right.

All photos by SIC - 'Si Crowther'


Before we get on to anything results related this is well worth a special mention. Already spotted in the Ams and Ladies highlight video this aerial off the lip saw a new twist added, a lazy Susan. A lazy Susan, for those a little unsure, is a board 360 out of the straps, dare we suggest a 'wavy Susan'?


Whilst the event saw down the line conditions it would be fare to say that in Cabo Verde terms it was not exactly going off. This said, head to high logo sets with strong winds is most peoples idea of a dream session, so our hopes and dreams of this idyllic wave windsurfing paradise are not yet dashed.


Focusing on the men in this feature (we'll sum up with the ladies soon) Kevin Pritchard is never a name you want to see on an entry list when you are signing up and true to form he found his way into the top 4 fending off the likes of Joey Sanchez and Tom Juban.


What's more KP appeared to be throwing it down with plenty of new school moves including this air taka.


In third place the incredibly stylish and hugely radical Boujmaa Guilloul was dropping hands all over the place and throwing his head back when he wasn't, just check out the event highlight video.


What's more it looks like he may have claimed the shot of the event with this unbelievable shot!


In second place, Kauli Seadi fought hard to maintain his title for this spot from 6 years earlier.


Top to bottom, rail to rail, full surf style with a nice air game in between, it took a serious opponent to take Seadi down.


This opponent was Camille Juban who ripped hard to take the event victory. We caught up with him to find out more about the event and his plans going on into 2015. Read on to find out more.


BS: Can you tell us a little about the event, the conditions and what equipment you used whilst competing?

The event went great, we scored a lot of wind and some waves. Just enough for me to use my magic 68L Custom Quatro board that I have had for a long time already. It's a thruster, MFC set-up with two 10.5 cm on the sides and 14 cm in the centre, that I developed with Pio. I had my new sponsor sails with me, the 4.0 Phoenix which I loved since the first session.


BS: Can you tell us why you choose to do the AWT Tour and what it is you enjoy about it?

I like the AWT's event locations and I support them because we need these kind of events right now. Windsurfing is too small to wait for the big change where we have PWA in sick wave-riding locations, so I'm just trying to choose the one that will be good for my career.


BS: Lastly, congrats on your result, could you give us a small statement on your win, about your feelings and also if you plan to attend all the events this year and why others should join in?

I'm just recovering from an injury so it was an unexpcated victory for me, especially against Kevin, Boujmaa and Kauli who are all ripping so hard. I'm really happy about it but I know that I have to stay focused if I want to keep on getting good results.

I'm aiming to do both tours this year but that's a personal choice. What I can say is that the AWT events are really fun because the pros are so close to the amateurs, we can give them tips and tricks any time of the day and the amateurs get to hang out with pros on the beach, in the water and everywhere else. All of that always with a good atmosphere and, most of the time, good conditions. What more could any amateur or upcoming wannabe PWA competitor want?


A hugely stoked Camille Juban takes the first AWT title of the year and kicks off his 2015 season with a healthy start.