News from the AWT Hatteras Wave Jam that is currently taking place. Currently with Levi Siver missing, it looks like there is a warm-up show-down taking place. Chances are high that one of the following two will take the win in Hatteras, following this the winner will then face Siver in Maui for the battle of battles. AWT Head Judge, Chris Freeman explains more, then we hear it from the boys themselves. Read on...

“The 2014 title race is intensifying, following this event it is likely that Morgan and Kevin will go into the Aloha Classic ranked #1 and #2 with current Tour leader who is missing this event in the #3 spot. The winner here will be head to head with Levi, with the winner in Maui taking the Tour crown which has been held by Camile Juban for the past two seasons. The AWT is a very special group of riders, the original brainchild of Sam Bittner, the Tour has blossomed into a global family of windsurfers. With conditions on offer from cross on jumping to perfect offshore riding the Tour offers an amazing platform for riders to showcase their talents. While there may not be the level of prize money available that can be found in Europe the true prize is being able to compete, shoot and enjoy some of the most insane conditions, which this beautiful planet has to offer. Expect AWT growth to continue and Tour stops to be added in the years ahead." - Chris Freeman (AWT Head Judge)

The Contenders

  • Morgan Norieaux (JP Australia, Hot Sails Maui, Black Project Fins), current ranking #3
  • Kevin Pritchard (Starboard, Ezzy Sails, MFC), current ranking #2

Morgan Norieaux warming up this week, keep reading for his answers.

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You’ve both had some solid results this year, taking control in a variety of conditions, what would you say stands out about this years tour compared to previous years?


KP: I really enjoyed my time in Peru. The waves were amazing and it always fun to do something different. Riding port tack down the line for a week straight was just awesome. Every wave you learn something different, and get to improve your sailing.

It looks like a tight battle between the two of you, would you say age and experience is more important or perhaps the young, fearless and slightly naive approach can be little more advantageous?

MN: Maybe I'm naive but I wouldn't call myself fearless. I'm pretty calculated in what I want to do, I'd say my approach is pretty close to Kevin's. Experience is what has helped me the most this year. All the years of doing the AWT paid off. Of course Kevin has twenty years of experience so he has the advantage in that category.


KP: Yeah for sure that the age is the way forward. The kids these days don’t know anything about competing, and if I had the skill that Morgan has, combine it with my experience.. wow… that would be awesome. :) Seriously, I am just happy to be out there sailing with Morgan. He has been sailing so well this year it is great to see. In Peru, he was hands down the best rider there. Going back to the experience Levi and myself caught the waves in the semi final and were able advance to the finals with Morgan coming in forth. In Baja he was just a bit lucky because we were running so late in the day and it was almost dark so this is where the age becomes a hinder, I couldn’t see the sets coming in..

Do you find each others wave riding as inspiring and if so do you try to replicate parts of the other or do you prefer to hold fast to your own style?


MN: I am inspired by Kevin 's wave riding, but I wouldn't say I try to replicate parts of his style though. I'll get pumped watching the moves people do and try to do it myself, but I feel like I have no control over my style and let it mould itself. I have watched how he competes over the years and tried to take in some of his strategy in though.


KP: I wish I could do the tricks he does. I think everyone gets influence from everyone, but this year Morgan is the silent assassin. He is a bit quiet and he lets his sailing do his talking, I like that about him.

Will you do the whole tour next year?

MN: Unless for some reason I can't I'll do 4 or 5 of the events at the very least.


KP: Yeah I hope so. Every year I get to do this again, I am stoked.

The AWT is world famous now, do you think there is good promise for the AWT and PWA to join forces in the future, would you say there is good scope amongst other national windsurfing tours around the world to try and host one or two PWA tour stops?

MN: If it was done correctly I think it could be great for the AWT and PWA. The AWT is often held in better spots condition wise and the PWA would bring a lot of amazing riders and more visibility. I think it would be the same for other national tours as well. It'd need to be a combination of the two though. I don't think it'd be very beneficial if the PWA just came and took over the events.

KP: I hope not. I love the family feeling of the AWT. I have done plenty of years on the PWA and I like the fun and relaxing feeling of the AWT. The event locations of the AWT are awesome. For me if they were to combine the two tours, this would be a true world champion of windsurfing. We might see the same sailors winning, Koster and Brawzino, but for sure it would be a well rounded tour. I love Pozo, I love Maui, I love Baja and to be able to have a tour that has all of those in a tour, that would be awesome.


The AWT is a tour for windsurfers and all are invited! If you would like more information please contact: Sam Bittner (AWT Tour Director) and/or Chris Freeman (AWT Head Judge)