Each day during the PWA Airwaves Noumea Dream Cup in New Caledonia we will be joined by Björn for a few questions to unveil all about his outstanding career, the final event and what's to come. Consider this a celebration of the living legend as Dunky grabs the proverbial Boardseeker reigns a little.

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Here is your chance to get your questions answered by Björn himself, all you have to do is simply write the one question you would like Björn to answer in the comments below and we will pick one to ask him each day. So go ahead and get creative.

Over to Björn Dunkerbeck...

BS: It's your last PWA Slalom event, are you feeling a little emotional about this?

BD: So far all is good and it looks like we have some good wind this time as well!

BS: You did the long distance race just recently, will the PWA competition take place in the same area and were you feeling fast?

BD: Yes it was a good way to get rid of the jet-lag, it was a long journey here and the jet-lag can sometimes take a while to shake off. Yep the PWA slalom is also in the same bay where the long distance race started so I am a little familiar with the course area.

BS: It must be nice to compete somewhere where the water is crystal clear, the sun is out and the winds are steady for your last event, does it make it that little bit harder to leave this all behind?

BD: This is the how I usually windsurf in the Canaries as well, so yes it's nice to have this on a PWA event but the Canaries is still better than 90% of all the tour stops on the PWA anyway, so it's not so hard in the end.


BS: What are you expecting from the forecast during the event and what gear do you have prepared at the beach?

BD: It looks like 15 to 25 knots during the whole time so I guess we will see quite a bit of action. As per usual I have my whole race set-up, I have the 7.0, 7.8, 8.6 and 9.5 Rexlex 5 Severne with me and the 107l and 130l Isonic here as well. I'm ready to go fast and enjoy myself as much as possible.

BS: Where would you like to, and expect to, finish at this event?

I would be happy to make the top 10 but also to just have fun on the water at this final event for me. Obviously I would really like to reach top 5 and perhaps even the podium if everything goes well, it would be a great way to finish my PWA career, but let's see because in the end it is all about enjoyment on the water.

BS: Tell us about your preparations in the run up to this event?

BD: Well to be honest I've had very little on water time in the last month compared to usual. Both Sylt and La Torche were fairly uneventful when it came to Slalom, it wasn't exactly great saliing this year. Luckly I got a few good days on the water back at home in Gran Canaria and I have been here in New Caledonia for four days, however only one day provided wind for us and that was during the long distance race!


BS: Can you tell us a little more about your competition history in Noumea and the island itself?

BD: Yes, I've been here a few times 1989, 1990, 1992 and 1995. It's a really nice place, the island is 450 km long and has the biggest Laguna in the world, it's over 12 km to the surfing reef on the outside, you get there by boat. There is really a lot going on here and a large water sports scene with a lot of locals taking part in slalom with a lot of younger windsurfers!

BS: In your experience what would you say the ideal 'type' is for the various windsurfing disciplines:


1) Freestyler: Age - 15 to 25, Weight - 50 to 75kg

2) Wave Sailor: Age - 15 to 35, Weight - 60 to 85 kg

3) Slalom Sailor: Age - 20 to 40, Weight - 85 to 95 kg

4) Speed Sailor: Age - 25 to as long as you have fun on the water and stay fit (;-))


Stay tuned and if you fancy getting your question answered by Björn Dunkerbeck this week then leave it in the comments below and we will pick out one readers question each day to ask the legend himself.

BS: In your career you must have so many highlights and even some lowlights but can you pick out anythign specific for us?

BD: Really it's impossible to select something because there is so much, so many occasions, every world title is a highlight, how can one be better than the other. Despite this and all the results it is my family life that I feel most proud of. Just the fact that I have 4 great children with my wife Maria and that my parents are fully healthy, as well as my sister and her daughter, this is what makes life great.

The negative sides, these don't really hang around in memory so much, usually they are short things which are not lasting so long compared to my career. I had a few injures over the years, some I can still feel every day and these will not get better. There were for sure the off s#-#+ßßä day on the water but nothing worth thinking about. I guess today in Noumea was a classic one however, we had great wind on the outside and somehow the inside marks were in the wind shadow of the buildings on the beach which made it PRETTY sad and sh#+#ß#y. 25 knots on the outside and sometimes GLASSY flat around the first mark!!

BS: Out of the three possible contenders for the PWA title this year who do you think will take it and why?

BD: I think the more we sail here the better the chances are for Antoine Albeau, if we only do 3 rounds Cyril Moussilmania will have a good shot and I'm sorry to say that Pierre Mortefon has perhaps a little too much on his plate and would have to rely too much on other peoples mistakes for this year. We are friends but I don't see it happening.


Readers Questions:

1) (Paul Borghouts from Amsterdam) Who do you think is the next Björn Dunkerbeck, your successor through the next ten years?

It's not possible since most only sail one discipline these day but I will give it some more thought!!!

2) (Raimundo Sala from Maristas) After so many years of top competition you have learnt a lot, will you be teaching others now?

I do already and PLAN a better system for young talent in wave, speed and also slalom. There is more info to follow soon on my facebook page - www.facebook.com/Bjoern.Dunkerbeck

I already do incentive weeks for groups for years now, both corporate and other groups in Fuerteventura and our windsurfing centre on Gran Canaria. If people are interested then they should contact Anne Schindler - e11bdunkerbeck.anne@gmail.com