After posting our popular feature at the end of last week it seems like there is demand for the small presents. Considering the nature of our sport this can certainly be hard to come by, however we've done our best to drum up the goods. So no matter if you are buying for a friend, a family member or partner this should check all the boxes.

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What! You said under £30. That we did, but this one was just asking to be posted. GoPro recently released their new Hero 4 which you can get for a staggering £369.99, however this little gem also slipped the radar, the GoPro Hero Original. We take it that GoPro were a little worried about the low budget cams taking over, so they pretty much stole the show with this.

Coming in at £99 and all the bells and whistles most of us mere mortals need, it is almost a steal. If you are into your slowmo deep underwater then it's 60fps at 40 meters should suffice and if quality is an issue well it need not be because you'll find that you can shoot at 1080p or 720p, which gives us enough juice for any online webclip or home video.

What about the price? Nothing like a good old fashioned organised split between 3/4 friends/family members.

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 15.57.22

Flymount have been offering one of the best mast/bar mounts on the market and no it's not just for GoPro, you can use just about any camera on there.

Again price might be a factor here so a generous split between friends or a deep pocket may be the answer, we promise this is our last 'split present'.

Coming in at a very reasonable £63.50 the generation 3 is stronger and lighter than ever. With less moving parts it's also more stable and gives you a more true image.


Fanatic have a limited but well thought out collection of promo gear that you can always find at any of your local retailers. Caps, beanies, tees, hoodies, etc... and let's face it, it's pretty hard to go wrong with one of the most successful brands on the market.

Our personal favourite is the Beanie, to keep us Euro-surfers warm during this biting cold months.

Check all the gear here -


These might just be the coolest straps on the market. Just check out that wild zebra pattern or that blue that is so blue it puts all shades of blue to shame, hell it makes us just want to sing.

Pimp your friends/partners/mums/dads/brothers/sisters ride with these.

Coming in at £23.99


We don't want to brag but this is probably the best and coolest present of them all.

If you are serious about windsurfing, you need the Boards Annuals!

Boards Windsurfing Magazine is a high quality 180 page bi-annual publication with a 30 year history to its name. The magazine is designed first and foremost to inspire and inform, featuring imagery from the worlds top photographers and editorial from the best journalists in windsurfing. In annual format, the content is focused on longer, higher quality articles brought to life with full page imagery

The Spring/Summer Annual of Boards Magazine focuses on the flat-water side of windsurfing, covering freeride, slalom, speed and freestyle, whilst the Autumn/Winter Annual puts its attention to the wave and freewave elements of the sport. Both editions will appeal to all types of windsurfer.

Subscribe today and receive the next two issues of Boards delivered straight to your door!

Coming in as low as £10.95 per annum - click here for more.


Coming in sizes 4.5 and 6.0m long these straps have you covered no matter where you are in the world. What's more they have padding around the buckle meaning no more time wasting as you try to make sure the buckle doesn't inevitably end up sitting on the rail of the board. Why does it do that every time.

Starting from £15.99


Gaastra also offer the perfect combination with the tie down straps, the roof rack pads. Add the two together to make one killer Christmas present.

Coming in at £9.95

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 16.35.27

The perfect accessory to keep the car/van clean and dry. Chuck on a towel, strip off underneath and let your wetsuit fall onto this map, pants and shoes on, tie up the mat and your free to spend more time nourishing your body on after surf snacks and in-car/van heating that is hotter than the Sahara.

Coming in at £24.95


Clothing your thing? Well if so then Goya have a super cool collection. Kit your loved one out like a champion with Cap and Tee.

Starting at £19.99


Ok we promised but maybe some of you out there want a present that two people can buy for another. This Aluminium RDM Extension from Simmer would do just the trick.

With its push pin quick release system and pin and collar adjustment system for reliability, it is a sure fire piece of kit at a very agreeable price.

Lastly, it comes with 3.8 Formuline down haul rope, for those that don't know, this is the rope of all ropes. It can last years without the need to change it and it hardly stretches, what more could you ask for.

Coming in at £59.95