Arrianne Anna Alie Aukes

5/5 Can we give points for a name?

What are your best features? Hmm, thanks for starting with a hard one, but I would go for my eyes.

4/5 That was easy...

Where are you from? One hour north of Amsterdam in Holland.

4/5 A Dutch delight.


What is work? Well, I'm actually windsurfing the whole year round. Sometimes I do clinics, some private lessons but I guess you could say I am a professional windsurfer.

5/5 Private lessons, yes please.

IMG_0537 1
Windsurfing, SUPing, surfing, does yoga on stand up paddle board count as well?

4/5 That's stretching it... but can we get a private lesson in that too?

What is your most memorable achievement in watersports? PWA Vice World Champion and the PWA Indoor windsurfing in Poland, which was 6 weeks after I tore all the ligaments in my ankle, I still managed to make 2nd in freestyle and 3rd in slalom and jump.

5/5 World championships podiums in multiple disciplines, epic!


What should a guy do to impress you? Humor is important, I love to laugh! He doesn't have to be an epic windsurfer but... I would definitely be impressed if he can pull of some sick moves!

4/5 Do dance moves count?

What makes a windsurfer a good boyfriend? It’s amazing if you can share your passion, windsurfing is such a big part of my life. Windsurfing together and enjoying a beer whilst the sunsets afterwards!

5/5 Now you're talking.


What qualities would your perfect man have? A good sense of humour, a positive attitude and a strong mind and body :-)

3/5 How about one of our Boardseeker test clones?

Schermafbeelding 2015-06-29 om 23.01.49
Can I change that solid six pack to strong arm muscles, he needs to have bigger arm muscles than me!

3/5 Challenge accepted.

What’s the wildest thing you have ever done? Don’t really know.. perhaps when I was working in Bonaire with Xenia Kessler and we wanted to tan our boobs, the island is quite small so we decided to do it whilst windsurfing... ever seen a topless shaka?

6/5 Mind blown...

DSC_0178 1

Are wetsuits sexy? Depends how fit the person is who’s wearing the wetsuit.


DSC00385 1 1

a)freestyle sessions: slow to start, then lots of spinning and contorting your body into crazy positions.

b)speed sessions: super fast, high adrenaline but it’s over before you know it

c)wave sessions: a nice smooth ride, where you’re in control and can try something new if you’re feeling adventurous

I'm an all disciplines lady...

4/5 Oooooo...

Photo Score 4/5

Overall BSB Score: 84%

You can find out more about Arrianne Aukes on her website and facebook page.

Arrianne is sponsored by: Simmer Style, RRD, Brunotti, Gearfreak, Pousada Windjeri, Maui Ultra Fins, autobedrijf van der Weide.