February 2013

Full Name: Corinne Evans

What are your best features?

My eyes. They look pretty special when I cross them!

3/5. Think we'd prefer uncrossed please!

Where are you from?

Born in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, UK. Now I live in the beautiful surf town, Newquay on the Cornish coast.

5/5. Good move, got a spare room?

What is work?

Full time Surfer, Model and Girls Surfing Ambassador for Animal. I also host my own Girls Surfing Day Tour around Europe, which keeps me pretty busy.

5/5. Tough life!

What watersports do you do?

Surf... Surf and Surf :)

3/5. No windsurfing? Shame.

What is your most memorable achievement in watersports?

Not getting eaten by a huge shark in Mexico last year.


What should a guy do to impress you?

Cook for me. The way to my heart is with food and lots of it.

5/5. Cooking may not be our specialty, but we're damn good at ordering take out!

What makes a watersports guy a good boyfriend?

We share the same passions, plus he can block my waves so I get all the bombs!

5/5. Am sure we can manage that one.

What qualities would your perfect man have?

A good sense of humour..I don't do sensible, good personal hygiene and love for everything surfing.

3/5. Good personal hygiene, and a love for everything surfing? Not sure both are possible at the same time?

What do you like about being in a male dominated sport?

I like being the under dog; the tables will turn one day and women will dominate!

5/5. Female domination? We can think of worse things to happen.

What’s the wildest thing you have ever done?

Surfing during a massive lightening storm in Australia, fork lightening surrounded me and my friends. I can safely say I won't be doing that again!

4/5. Not bad!

Photo score: 5/5.

Total BSB score: 86%