Boardseeker Babe

January 2013

Full Name: Lex Balladon

What are your best features?

Haha not sure!! I try to keep all of me in shape!

I like my hair in the summer when the sun bleaches it.. not so much in the winter though as it goes dark (and I go pale), yuk.

4/5 Sounds like some summer lovin' is on the cards then?

Where are you from?

Born in Aylesbury, lived in New Jersey when little, then Milton Keynes, did California for a year, then London. Now back in MK, what a fail.

3/5 Leaving California to go back to Milton Keynes? No we don't get it either.

What is work?

Work is wake boarding, if you can call it work! I get on the water as much as possible. I compete in the UK when I can, I also try and get as many other girls on the water as well through Girls

Lex Balladon

Days or Ladies Mornings. Also branching out into more coaching which I love. I also work closely with my sponsors, which is always fun.

4/5 More women on the water, like. But how about getting them windsurfing not wake boarding?

What watersports do you do?

Wakeboarding, surfing and wakesurfing are the main ones for me now, but back in the day I did six summer seasons teaching kayaking, sailing and windsurfing.

4/5 Bit of an all rounder it sounds, how about some lessons then?

Lex Balladon
Lex Balladon

What is your most memorable achievement in watersports?

Landing my first invert, getting the last wave of a clean

up set in Bali with the channel full of guys all whooping, and lastly seeing other girls getting stoked for the first time at coaching sessions. It's awesome.


Lex Balladon

What should a guy do to impress you?

Make me laugh, all the time.

5/5 Pretty sure we've got this one nailed.

What makes a watersports guy a good boyfriend?

You can spend a day on the water together and then chat about it over a beer.

4/5 Do you bring us the beer too?

Lex Balladon
Lex Balladon

What qualities would your perfect man have?

Love the water as much as me.

5/5 Done!

What do you like about being in a male dominated sport?

There are always a nice torso to look at.

4/5 Maybe we need to give wake boarding a go, not sure all windsurfers have toned torsos!

Wake surfing!

What’s the wildest thing you have ever done?

Hmm, maybe in Cali with the waterski/wake team: packed an RV with 20 people, put a keg in the shower, stocked up with a few handles of tequila and headed to the Mexican boarder for a waterski/wake tournament?

5/5 We're in, when's the next road trip?

Photo Score: 4/5

Total BSB score: 84%

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