Image credit Michael Burgermeister.

May 2013

Full Name: Holly Catherine Kennedy

What are your best features?

Hmmm... I'm not sure! I have had nice things said about my eyes and my ass so possibly them !? :P

4/5 Let's go with the ass option.

Where are you from?

I'm from a lovely little seaside town called Troon on the West Coast of Scotland.

5/5 We've only heard good things about the Troon windsurfing (which is also where they hold the annual Scottish Windfest).

What is work?

Kitesurfing and delivering sports presentations in schools, and I am actually a student too.

3/5 Not bad at all.

What watersports do you do?

Kitesurfing is my main watersport, although I also know how to surf, windsurf, sail and wakeboard :) Love them all to be honest.

5/5 A multi tasked? Always useful.

What is your most memorable achievement in watersports?

So far my most memorable achievement in watersports was gaining 2nd Place in a World Cup Freestyle Competition in Kitesurfing, I started at the bottom of the heats ladder and worked my way up passing 10 heats to get to the final. During that experience I felt my heart racing, I was pacing and the end result was amazing :D

5/5 WOW, a rhyming answer, that definitely deserves top marks!

What should a guy do to impress you?

This is actually a tough question for me! I would say make me laugh or smile but I do that all the time anyway so I guess they would need to do something extremely rad so I got the shivers or the butterflies. Ha Ha.

2/5 Extremely rad, who out there can do extremely rad?

What makes a watersports guy a good boyfriend?

You can travel together and have great fun. Also if they are better than you then they could possibly teach you a thing or two :

5/5 Sign us up for the next lesson!

What qualities would your perfect man have?

Nothing too serious, just like the outdoors, sporty and have a bubbly personality.

4/5 This we can manage.

What do you like about being in a male dominated sport?

Love it ! The guys are so friendly and always keen to help you improve. Ha Ha but not for come the girls:)


What’s the wildest thing you have ever done?

Not anything majorly crazy in my opinion...well...yet. But so far it could involve a VERY VERY high cliff surrounded by water, a trampoline, a jump with various flips and spins in it, me in a bikini and some rocks. Can you work it out? Was a close call I tell ya ;)


Photo score: 4/5

Overall BSB score: 80%

You can check out more about Holly on her website and Facebook page.

Holly is sponsored by North Kiteboarding, ION, Vexed and Airbound.