With some hefty storms hitting all over the globe in recent weeks we thought we would bring you some tips from the top when it comes to tracking down those massive winds and waves, being in the right place at the right time and most importantly what to watch out for.

We caught up with some of the top Simmer team riders Ben Proffitt, Justyna Sniady and Chris Friis. Over the next 3 days we've got words from each of them, so stay tuned, first up:

Chris Friis

choosing a spot with a big pier or a point which blocks the current will give you the edge

1. I always make sure all my equipment is very well maintained. Checking the ropes on the boom and downhaul especially. Any failure with these rig-components and you will be left swimming, potentially putting the people going out to rescue you in unnecessary danger.


2. I always look for the spot with the least potential for strong currents, but still with sideshore winds preferably. There is a lot of water being moved around with a storm system and choosing a spot with a big pier or a point which blocks the current will give you the edge out there.


3. Storm systems are pretty unpredictable and can change a lot on the forecast from hour to hour, so I stay as updated as I can, preventing any unwanted surprises. It’s well worth the 20 euros to buy Windguru PRO so you get the detailed forecasts instead of the 12 hours delayed ones.


4. Don’t go out alone. I also always have the emergency contact number for the national coastguard on my phone.

Chris in Iceland by Rafn Emilsson

5. Just hang on to your sail and show everyone who’s boss out there..