Lastly in this mini-series we have the one, the only, Mr Ben Proffitt. The voice of many a PWA event and one of Simmer's top international riders. When it comes to storm sailing, chasing storms and knowing the weather charts inside out then he is certainly well qualified to tell us more. It only takes ten minutes with him to realise his knowledge is like that of an old salty sea-fairer crammed into the body of a young professional athlete. So pay attention if you are considering the next storm heading your way.


2. Have your weetabix... I'm being serious, get some food down you. You're going to burn a lot of energy and if you're anything like me, when it's good you don't want to come in. So get some fuel in you, a bit of water wouldn't go a miss as well!


3. Check your gear, especially in big waves, strong winds and probably pretty cold temperatures. The last thing you want is gear failure so check your ropes and the rest, actually push the boat out, buy a new mast base! It's crazy the amount of people I see with the rickety of old bases. I mean for god sakes thats the one thing that keeps your kit together!!!


4. Go as a group or with mates.. No matter how good you are things can happen and when they happen at sea things go bad very quickly - (quote from Finnmullen). So if your with friends or in a group, you can keep an eye out for each other and help if things go bad.

5. Sheet in and go MASSIVE!! Enjoy