The 2014 PWA Freestyle World Champion took his time to sit down for an honest interview about his year and about how he came back to win the his 6th World Title. This makes him the most successful freestyle windsurfer ever to have lived, but why was he a little off the mark and what gave him a kick in the backside. Read on to find out more in this quick fire interview...


BS: Congratulations on your 6th Freestyle World Champion title.

GE: Thanks! I'm totally overjoyed, even speechless. My goal in Sylt was to take it easy on the water, have fun and finish in the top three. To think that I'm World Champion now is crazy! It wasn't on my radar at all after the Freestyle World Cup in Bonaire back in June.

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BS: What happened in Bonaire?

GE: During the heats in Bonaire I felt totally powerless. This affected me massively as I couldn't achieve the scores I needed in the light wind conditions. This event was a turning point for me and not in a positive way. When I got back home to Isla Margarita, I joined Gold's Gym in Porlamar and started training with a private coach.

BS: You had been doing this for a while, no?

GE: Yes, but now my private coach is constantly at my side during every training session. He spends at least one or two hours with me in the studio, taking me through each exercise. We've been doing this kind of training about five times a week, ever since I came back from Bonaire. In addition to upping my physical performance, the outcome in Bonaire also convinced me to look at my diet. I had always drunk far too much Coca Cola. Now, no coke, sugar is pretty much off the menu along with other foods like noodles. Having taken the approach of 'everything in moderation,' I now feel incredibly fit and full of power.


BS: With the keywords being 'healthy diet', you've just told me that the olive oil for our salads - which is sitting on the table - is pretty much unavailable in Venezuela along with others. Can you tell us a bit more?

GE: Many foods are no longer available due to the strict regulations in place from our government, but that is the least of our worries in Venezuela. As a Venezuelan, it was so hard to book my flight from Porlamar to Hamburg. Windsurf tourism in my home town of El Yaque is almost non existent.

My good friend André Paskowski and I used to travel a lot together. We went all over the world, Brazil, Sardinia etc for training. Now, that sadly he is no longer with us, I am pretty much always in El Yaque.

Getting back to my 'turning point', here in El Yaque I'm now training hard with my personal coach, I have a healthy diet and feel fitter than ever before. It's safe to say, that I'm proud of my World Cup title result.


Text: reemedia