In what is being dubbed as one of the wildest freestyle comps in recent history, Davy Scheffers has come out on top. Of course many big names were missing but a few were also there and Scheffers stormed to success with huge power moves. In fact a large part of the competition saw a level of moves that have yet to be shown on the world stage. We caught up with the King himself for a re-cap of the event.

davy back

Over to Davy...

Friday 27th November was the first ever organized windsurf competition in Maceio, Brasil. Maceio is a small town approximately 1.5 hour up from Jericoacoara and 15 minutes away from Camocim.

On the Friday we started with registration and a warm-up session/show for the spectators. Starting with a small buffet and good food with sunset light gave everyone a good feeling before the start of the event.

Waiting for the right tides to show the best possible action we began to run the heats on Saturday 28th Nov at 14:00. From the beginning we could see big moves with 24 riders registered and even 3 girls.

I didn't win every heat but due to the dingle elimination that we ran you have the chance to climb back through knockout rounds with extra heats. In 2 heats there was Gigi Maddedu and Loick Spicher who advanced over me, so this really shows how close the level was!


On Monday we continued with the semi-finals and started at 15:00 to catch the perfect conditions. 10 minute heats with 1 move inside and 2 moves going out made it super easy and relaxed to focus on ONLY the biggest moves.


So at the end the final was between me and Giovanni Passani from Italy and the losers final was Julien Mas against Hugo de Sousa. Making the final in the evening light with the sun setting was one of the most magical competition finals I ever did. The moment the red flag went up at the end of the final heat me and Giovanni walked out of the water smiled at each other and had a super good feeling.

We finished the day with the prize giving in the evening, with some snacks and free drinks at the KiteZen club

Thanks to all the riders, big thumbs up for showing their best and amazing moves. Thanks to the organisation for helping and making it possible to run the first ever contest in Maceio. And after all thumbs to the top 3 winners of supersession: 3rd Mattia Fabrizi with air chachoo, 2nd Jose Santos with a huge airskopu and 1st Davy Scheffers (myself) with my first ever planing shifty.

Final results of the top 4:

4. Hugo de Sousa

3. Julien Mas

2. Giovanni Passani

1. Davy Scheffers

Full results and more news on the Windmeet facebook page.

Be ready for next year there is gonna be more big action, it will be hot!!