We caught up with chilled out Davy Scheffers during a bit of down time here in PWA Podersdorf. Read on to find out more about why he chose to spend his winter training alone in Vietnam, what he thinks of the current freestyle level and where he thinks we could .

BS: Davy, what's new for this season?

Davy: Well I have new boards and sails but I'm totally used to them already as I had them since Fuerte. I'm better looking *laughs*. No, I was testing and tuning my gear a bit over the winter, playing around with mastfoot position and boom height. You know you have to really try and keep on top with the latest gear because moves and styles are changing all the time.

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Yep, I am currently using Sashimi 17cm and 18cm fins. I use the 18cm in choppy jumping spots, now the boards and moves have changed a lot we need to ride with a lot of speed and power. Everything has moved into the air so there won't be so many people on 16cm fins any more. At the same time when it's light you have an advantage with the sliding moves, so you need to know both sides of our discipline well.


I currently have my 3.8, 4.2, 4.4, 4.8, 5.0 and 5.2 rigged. My favourite is for sure the 5.0 and 4.4, these sizes are super nice. I'm using them with 30cm harness lines but I am thinking about going to 32cm to get a bit lower and more power. But shorter is good you get more over the board and it is better for your posture.


I was in Brazil for one and a half months with Nic Hibdige and Anthony Ruenes.This was a nice trip and we are working on a good video for this.

Then I went to Cabo Verde with Adi Beholz and Remko De Zeuwe on the island of Sal. Sal is really cool, a lot of wind we filmed a lot with a drone and did water shots, will be a good quality clip. Unfortunately I only sailed in the waves for one day because I broke the nose of the wave board straight away and we only went to the waves once more (the day after), so no wave action really.

The freestyle spots are super cool, it can be super windy almost everyday, a little gusty but the island is super nice, maybe a little primitive but super cool to discover places and see new spots, for me it was like Bonaire XXL, the video should be super nice showing a lot more about the island and the spots there are.

Then I went to Vietnam, to my private beach *laughs*, for two and a half months, then I had to make my trip shorter because of PWA France. Yeah, I was windsurfing on Asian waters with Chinese pollution and piranhas *laughs* but the spot is good, wind is good, it was nice to train alone with no pressure. Just a total training trip to get ready for the tour this year. I focussed on training new moves, my style, new techniques with small ramps and kickers, it's like a skate park there.

Yeah I was not so good in the chop and I was struggling before with power in my legs and the board was too big. So yeah Vietnam was important for me, the chop and ramps were good and I'm doing a lot of the moves both ways now; bongka, big Shaka, pasko, good for Fuerte. Vietnam is funny because the bottom is not sand or grass, it's reef, so you have to land, there are not so many places to repair your gear there, haha.

A few clips of me riding during last trip to Vietnam. This was the first week of the trip and first day on the water after twisting my ankle before. Vladimir my friend from Russia who passed by for a few days of windsurfing grabbed his camera and shot the action. Thanks duuudeeeee #tabouboards #gasails #prolimit #teamtabou #teamgaastra

Posted by Davy Scheffers on Monday, 13 April 2015

I'm working on two videos at the moment. Recently I released a short clip from Vietnam, manly just action [see above] but I'm working on one from Cabo Verde and one from Brasil, they will be out within a month. I like to use raw hip hop like beats in my videos, a lot of people use dubstep and rock and it's not so much what a like, so hope to bring something a little different.


Yeah some guys are training a lot of the same moves right now and there are some really cool moves around that people are not doing so much. Maybe we will see a shift towards this some point soon. At the moment we see a lot of moves like the culo, burner, flaka shaka, etc... There is some new stuff that's cool, the shifty is pretty sick, double air culo from Youp but other moves can work like this also; air spock, lazy susan, air grubby. They are not necessarily complicated moves, just doing them high in the air is for sure going to be way better than sliding. I think we need spots with more chop, like small ramps up to a metre high then we will see a lot more of this.


Haha, well I'm 7th now, I should have been 1st, haha. To be honest I would really like to challenge with people like Steven, Kiri and Gollito. I really like to compete but I would like to sail more heats, you know a competition for us is over after just two or three heats sometimes. So maybe more heats and more competitions. Something like the dingle elimination is a really cool idea, like the pro surfers do on the World Surf League, you get more heats, better chances to fight back. It looks cool, the system works well. Ours always stays a bit the same with this system.