Jamie Hawkins is one of the UK's most successful windsurfers. He turned pro in 1991, aged 18 and competed on the world tour until 2003. In 2009, after some years off the scene, he became UK slalom champion. Now in 2011 he's reached the pinnacle as the new Boardseeker agony uncle. If you have a problem, J. Dogg will have an opinion and try to help you fix it…

Have a question for J. Dogg? Send it along with your name and address to news@boardseeker.com. Don't worry, we won't print your details!

The best question next month will win this fantastic Flying Objects Waist Harness

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Photos by Julia Toms

Barbados and Maui are obviously two great locations but are a lot more costly. Not sure if she is worth the investment yet?... Stick to Europe!

Approach a potential sponsor or local shop with the angle of what you will do for them. Help willingly on demo days and don’t even talk about what you want from them to begin with. Make them see that you are likeable, hard working and above all a sellable asset. In other words, stand out from all the other wannabe hotshots who only want to take...think the opposite of everyone else. If you start winning, then can you command more from a sponsor…