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I want to get into some local slalom racing and don’t have a huge amount of money to spend at the moment. I am 85Kg and all I have is my wave gear. I just want to start with one board and rig that I can use in most conditions. What size would you recommend?

James from Dorset

I really like the idea of doing some amateur competition this season. I was thinking of heading over to Rhossy but am not sure that I am good enough (I can waveride quite well but can’t really do any loops). Also, I am a bit short of cash… What do you think? Rob from Birmingham

I need some advice. A while back, I went on a windsurfing trip but the wind didn't play ball. Whilst waiting, I saw a couple of fellers pumping hard on the beach before taking to the water with kites. I knew it was wrong but I was excited by the way they moved in the fickle breeze and knew then that I had to give it a go. I found a flyer in a phone kiosk advertising full-on kite tuition so I called and booked a session. At first I found all the pumping, reaching and dragging to be disconcerting and rather painful but after a couple of sessions I really got into it. Now I can't get enough of it. Even my work is suffering as I spend all my time cruising kite surf forums looking to get my fix. I think my wife and my friends have their suspicions after they caught me trying on shorts over my wetsuit at the beach. I really, really want to embrace my feelings and to fulfil my urges but I feel my windsurf buddies and even my wife will desert me if the truth came out as their opinion of kiting is that it is a sport for talentless ex windsurfers who can't afford jet skis. What do you think I should do, J. Dogg? John from London