Dieter Van Der Eyken has just released his video (check it out on the last page) from his winter training in Western Australia. We caught up with him just before the Freestyle kicks off here in Fuerteventura.

Boardseeker: Dieter, tell us a bit about your time in WA and why you keep going back?

This year was really windy so I was sailing like 90% of my time there with 5-6 hours a day, just because it was so much fun really, not specifically to train but really because I didn't want to leave the water. Also to work together with Severne is really easy because this is their home, besides that I like the diversity of the spots and conditions you have.


Boardseeker: Where were you staying the whole time?

I lived in my van, travelling from spot to spot but sailing at Coronation in Geraldton the most. I was camping behind some friends on the campsite most of the time, all in all I did about 10,000k in ten weeks. It's a lot of driving, all the spots are so far apart and it was super hard sometimes because the van had no air-conditioning. One time it was 45 degrees and we are sitting on top of the engine, it was unbearable but the sailing always makes up for these times.


Boardseeker: Why is your favourite spot in Coronation?

It's the second windiest place in WA after Greenhead and it is just like a skate park, flat on the inside, stunt ramps outside, it's just perfect for freestyle, jumping and side-on wave riding, it's actually Jaeger Stone's homespot and where Severne was originally located.

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Top 5 tips on travelling as a freestyler in WA

1. Don't expect luxury, there's all sorts of wildlife along the way.

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2. If you stay longer than 2 months then buy a van, or rent one without a bed inside from hertz and build your own bed, saves you a lot of dollars.


3. Bring 5.2 for the easterlies in Perth but don't forget your 4.0 for a normal day in Coronation, so take everything really.


4. Get on the WA Freestyle group on Facebook and definitely check out Woodmans Point.


5. Take a camera, it's the trip of a lifetime.

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