We caught up with Taty Frans who gave us some thoughts on how Amado was sailing and spoke to a few of the top guys for us on how to double pop your board into a second power move. Some rare words of wisdom from the best in the world below.

Over to Taty...

Talking about Amado, he is sailing brilliant with him doing both moves on each tack, which is for sure the reason why he made it into the final.


I caught up with Amado Vrieswijk about how to double pop the board for that second power move, check it out on the next page.


Amado on double pop:


"First it is important to sail straight across the wind and not too much downwind. When you duck the sail make sure you really throw the gear under you but close to your body, keep your legs straight and the sail neutral so that it holds the power to rotate through the 2nd move - like double culo. It's really all about making sure the first move is totally perfect."


Next up, Gollito about double moves:


To do it you need to duck the sail and keep it neutral, with the front hand in front and the back hand as far back as possible, so a wide grip. When you rotate the first one you want to make sure you have enough pressure in the sail to rotate the second, so make sure you are really well balanced with the sail before you take off on the first one.

With your legs really try to keep them a little bit bent so that you can have that elastic feel to bounce the board a second time and to twist the body hard to rotate for the second move".


Finally Kiri tells us about the air funnel into burner: