The current fastest UK speed sailor for 2014, Jim Crossley (K33), rounds up our title contenders series for the Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge. Having already featured Jurjen van der Noord, Anders Bringdal and fellow Brit Zara Davis, the cool headed Crossley concludes our series as conditions begin to improve for a chance of racing to begin today. Stay tuned to our daily updates right here on

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Years windsurfing? 31

Top 3 career highlights?

1- Breaking into the world top 10 GPS rankings

2- 2013 3rd Weymouth speed,

3- 2014 1st Southend speed

Top speed?

Max - 47 knots@Southend

Average - 45knots@West Kirby

500m - 44.3knots@Southend

Equipment set-up you achieved your top speed on? 42cm Moo custom, North 5.2 warp, Select 21cm

Current sponsors? Fanatic/North Sails, Select Fins, Puravida Boardriders

Where have you been training over the winter? In the UK and Fuerteventura (2 weeks)

Do you think you can break the world speed record? Not likely

What speeds do you think are achievable at the Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge? Lower 40 somethings.

Are there any 'outsiders' who could cause upset amongst the top 8? Hopefully me!

Is there anyone you know who is fast but doesn’t enter competitions, who you think perhaps could do well? Pete Young the King of Portland Harbour is super quick but he likes to compete against himself.

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What are the latest developments in speed equipment? Fins are the biggest talking point and they have improved a lot over the last 5 years getting both faster and easier to control.

What equipment will you take to Fuerteventura? Small speed board and some small slalom boards. 5.2-7.8 sails

Do you change much for specific spots, if so what do you change/take? Lots of different fins for tight or broad course and flat or choppy water. Also some speed boards are better than others for these different courses.

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3 tips to get into speed competition?

1- Get a GT31 GPS and upload your sessions to It’s good for you to have this record of your sessions for your own development and motivation to push yourself.

2- Practice slingshots in gusts. This will get you to your full speed potential and it’s then when we learn the most about the limits of our setup and skill.

3- You will not be the first person to walk this path. There is a wealth of information online about equipment, technique and fitness written in articles and sailor blogs including my own! It can save you time and money to do your research.