We had the pleasure of spending time with all 3 generations of the Dunkerbeck family during the first ever Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge. Probably one of the most extraordinary families in the world of watersports, not least because of the achievements of Björn. 41 times a World Champion, some things you just cannot teach, but this is not the focus of this short movie, the focus, the question that hangs over this, is what does the future hold for young Liam? Whatever it is, the talent is in the genes and we will no doubt see a driven young man rise into the world of watersports. Enjoy this incredibly well edited short webclip and enjoy how Björn is now combining his experience with his motivation for competition to get as many people on the water as possible.

You can find the movie on the last page, first a few stills to wet the appetite.

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 21.22.00