This week we are stoked to officially announce it as Dunkerbeck Week here on Boardseeker. Over the next seven days we will have several features with the 41 times World Champion. Speed challenges to retirement and his 30th year on tour to his top tips on how to go pro in the public eye, there will be something for everyone. First up, is Dunkerback starting a new World Tour?

Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge


Speed windsurfing is indeed a hugely popular part of windsurfing but to have a tour for this discipline has always been tricky due to the nature of the conditions required. With better access to spots world wide, Dunkerbeck has set his sights on a tour that will grow from its infancy to a fully fledged series that will satisfy the needs of anyone who just wants to lock in and put the pedal-to-the-metal. Read all about over the next few pages.

BS: Björn, an exciting new series is in the making, can you tell us more about this concept?

Sure, so far the Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge will kick off with one event at the windsurf spot known as Matas Blancas on the Canary Island that is Fuerteventura.

The concept is a completely new windsurfing format that will mix professionals and amateurs together in a similar way to the long distance events that have been running over the years, where anyone can come and compete against myself or the likes of Antoine Albeau. The Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge will be a speed event for the masses where the fastest speed will be the winner, but our categories make it much more exciting.

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The Categories

Father and Son, Fastest Couple and a whole host of age groups from Under 13's, right up to Grand Master will all be in for a shot to win their own prizes. See the classes below.

10-12 years (Where Björn Dunkerbecks son, Leon, will compete)

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12-14 years

14 - 16 years

16 - 18 years

Under 21 years

30 - 40 years

40 - 50 years

50 - 60 years

60 - 70 years

Entries are already open so head on over to the official facebook page where you can enter by clicking on the PayPal tab - Dunkerbeck GPS SPeed Challenge

The Racing Format

Like any speed event the racing format is simple - the fastest person wins. However, with our categories there will be a lot more winners and much better targets for all our entrants. Young to old, you can race against your friends or fellow competitors who are in your age group.

On the light wind days we will run long distance races so that there is always something for everyone. The idea is to motivate all windsurfers who like to go fast to get together, get to know each other and windsurf in the same waters.


The Location

The event site will be just north of the famous Sotavento beach in the south of the Fuerteventura where the PWA and other speed events have been hosted for years and years. Known as Matas Blancas, conditions there can be extremely flat and very fast. With a very reliable summer wind pattern, we are confident we will get strong wind daily.

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The Future for the Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge

We have already been chatting to other people who are interested in hosting a Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge event in their own countries and it could be possible that we run more than one this year already.

The plan going forwards however, is to ensure we have a successful first event, which is well attended with a great media output. Following this, we definitely plan to have three events in 2015 and five in 2016, generating a tour that people can follow and enter all over the world.

Together with Red Bull, the five events in 2016 will be one in each continent, ensuring we have a World Tour that truly spans the globe.


How To Enter

Simply head over to the official facebook page and hit the Paypal button or click the link below.


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