The European Freestyle Pro Tour is soon to kick off, we caught up with the team to find out what's in store in the coming months.


With the year 2012 being a big success for the European Freestyle Pro Tour the whole team went into the well deserved 'winter break' just after the last event in the UK. We were using the rather quiet months to discuss future plans for the tour, making necessary adjustments, exchange with our supporting brands and media partners and last but not least we seized them to plan and organize new events.


The first exciting news considering freestyle contests came from Premantura, Croatia which already gained popularity due to the famous 'Hallowind' event, which took place many years before it got quiet around this spot in Southern Europe. This year new keen organizers stepped in. The event 'Catch Me If You Can' will be held from the 30th of October through the second of November with 10.000€ prize money for grasp. We are still in ongoing negotiations about a potential bigger tow-in event there on top of the 'normal' freestyle contest and will keep you updated.


Beyond those confirmed events we are still negotiating with organizers in Greece, France and the UK and are still hoping to run our final event there. The King of the Wind in 2012 left everybody involved impressed and we are hoping for more in 2013!

I am looking forward to give you more insights and more details in the next EFPT monthly!

Stay tuned!


EFPT Press Officer