Fanatic 2011

The first major product release of the summer comes from Fanatic who launched their 2011 wave and freestyle kit this week. UK distributor Nik Baker already has boards in the country and has been frantically briefing his dealers all week. We sensed yet another busy man — perfect for another hype-busting Boardseeker range-finder. But it turned out Nik could go a step better as he recorded this presentation of Fanatic's latest shapes for us before escaping for a well-earnt sail...

All photos: John Carter


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NewWave Quad TE

‘Quad-fin waveboard for traction, grip and drive’ – 72 / 79 / 86 / 93L – £1489

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NewWave Twin TE

‘Twin-fin waveboard for another world of tight surf-style turning’ – 72 / 79 / 86 / 93L – £1459

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NewWave TE

‘Single-fin waveboard for a broad range of feel and control’ – 69 / 76 / 83 / 91L – £1429

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'Fast, loose, compact and versatile' – £1229 / TE £1449 / TExtreme £1699

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‘A new dimension in freestyle’ — £1229 / TE £1489

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