by Pierre Bouras

After a successful event preview, in the form of a classic Alfie edit, we thought it only fitting that we wrap it up. So we caught up with Pierre Bouras who hooked us up with some cracking shots of this years epic event. We even managed to pin him down for a few words about what happened. Check out the gallery and what Pierre had to say about this year’s event…

This year it wasn’t so easy to choose the right spots. We sailed a competition at Majanicho and free sessions at Cotillo, Agostino and Punta Blanca. The focus of the event is more about wave riding than jumping. We definitely did everything to follow these goals and kept the spirit and the original idea of the event! I definitely plan to run the event in 2013 again. Thanks to all the great sailors for joining us and participating this year.

A big congratulations to team 2 for winning the 2012 Fuerte Wave Classic. The team consisted of local Nicole Boronat, young Italian Federico Infantino, another local Yannick Anton and British free-sailor Andrew Fawcett.

See you next year!