Last week Boardseeker caught up with some of the most progressive freestylers in the world. This week we turn our heads to the wave sailors and after releasing such a great video clip (see the last page) we thought Moritz Mauch was just the man to focus on for the wave-riding aspect. So what does the future hold for wave sailing and where are the top guys taking it to already?


BS: Hi Moritz, You are currently in Maui, we take it for the photoshoot, how is the trip out there and are you enjoying the conditions?

I broke my foot like 5 years ago doing a forward – so probably I was a little bit mentally blocked

Mauch: Yes, I have been in Maui for 2 weeks now, and we had a few good days already. Yes it’s photoshoot time, so unfortunately it is also really crowded and it takes a lot of time to get a good wave. But for sure I’m really enjoying the conditions here.


BS: Do you find starboard tack harder at all?

Mauch: When I sail starboard tack it feels really strange, I’m not used to it and still have to improve a lot. I really want to train hard the next years so I can sail both tacks confident and on the same level.


BS: In recent years you’ve been publishing videos that just get better and better, but you only focus on riding, is there a reason for that, do you not like to jump?

Mauch: I was never really afraid of jumping, but I broke my foot like 5 years ago doing a forward – so probably I was a little bit mentally blocked for a while. Nowadays I’m not afraid at all, but I always have enjoyed wave riding much more than jumping. That is why I was focusing more on wave riding. Also I feel, that I can play and combine more in wave-riding and express myself in my personal style. But I’m training my jumps and will concentrate myself on them the next few months to get on a decent level until the competitions start again.


BS: As we said you are focusing on riding a lot and it’s obvious by the huge progress you are making with moves, you even invented something new recently, how did that move come about and has a name been decided yet?

Mauch: I started trying the first ones like 3 years ago, but I haven't get them consistent yet, so it’s still a long way from landing them. I have landed a few small ones back in the wave, hope I can train them during the summer. I started trying to do clew first tweaked airs in Pozo and I started over rotating them, no name yet ;)


BS: One thing is apparent, more and more freestyle moves are finding their way into the waves the waves, would you say that’s true and what moves do you think come most from freestyle?

Mauch: For sure you get somehow inspired from freestyle, but I am not analysing freestyle moves and how I can adapt them in the waves. I am just trying to have a good time on the water and see what is possible. I just try to read the wave as good as possible and see, what is possible to do on this wave, while I am following the line. But I guess, in onshore conditions a lot of moves have a similarity, like shaka etc.

Moritz Mauch Milnerton_01 1

BS: It’s exciting to see the crossover of the two disciplines but where do you truly think the line should be drawn, or should we push more and more into the air with crazy moves off the lip of the wave?

Mauch: I think that a wave move, should always be done on the lip of a waves and at the most critical part. I think a lot of the freestyle moves can be transferred to a wave move, performing them on the critical part of the wave and really using the wave to perform that move. So I think the best way to differentiate wave from freestyle are with the following points:

- Landing back in the wave

- Using the wave to perform the move

- Performing the move on the lip of a wave and in the critical part.


BS: Just when the progression of windsurfing appears to slow down we see something else crazy, so where do you think wave moves are heading, what’s on your mind to try next?

Mauch: I think most of the moves we’re doing now on a wave can be performed, switch/clew-first, one handed and no handed. I really want to get consistent in onshore air-takas and maybe try to do them double, but there’s still a long way to go for me to land one. And I always try to improve my normal turns, there’s nothing that feels better than a full rail turn!

_MG_0193 1

BS: We spoke with Steven Van Broeckhoven, Balz Muller and Yentel Caers on Boardseeker last week and they were keen to see more style, rail grabs and similar stuff happen but thought that it’s only really possible in waves, what do you think about throwing a hand down mid push loop for a rail grab or during a one footed backie?

Mauch: It sure would look really sick, I remember Jonas Ceballos doing huge one handed rail grab backloops. In wave moves it would be really hard, but if you have good timing to grab the rail at the right point of the move it would be awesome. BS: Thanks for your time Moritz, we are excited to see what comes of this years tour, just as a last question what are your plans for the PWA this year and where do you want to finish?

Mauch: The PWA tour this year is going to be really tough, there are a lot of really good riders who could be on top. My aim is to get a top 15 result again, it would be really good to get a top 10 but as I said there are a lot of very good riders.

Thanks for the interview Boardseeker!