The young Swedish sailor, Gustav Häggström rocked the windsurfing world recently with his video titled ‘This Is Action’. It showed some of the most defining moments in the recent history of our sport. With spectacular double forwards, pushloop-forwards and even all the triple forward attempts ever caught on camera.

The video reached over 55,000 views in 10 days, one of the fastest ever viewed windsurfing short movies. Perhaps it is a mixture of the inspiring music, the well-cut clips or simply the most outrageous skill shown as the pros throw themselves into almost ragdoll like moves, that made this video stand out from the crowd. Whatever it was we are proud to introduce it here first – This Is Action (Freestyle).

Windsurfing level: Landing backloops

Favourite discipline: Wave

Number of years windsurfing: 6

Number of videos made: 52

Favourite move: Backloop

Local spot: A-bay (Apelviken), Varberg, Sweden

Favourite place to sail: Maui

So you surprised the action sports world with the video titled 'This is Action (Waves)', was this your first video project or do you have others?

I have done some shorter videos of myself windsurfing. I have never done a larger or longer video than 1.30 minutes before, and my videos have never got more than 300 views until now.

Some of my favourite videos are: