Unmistakably the coolest, gnarliest, most extreme windsurfing clip of the whole year. These are the highlights of the 2013/14 Red Bull Storm Chase.

See what the riders thought of each others performances and let us know what your favourite moment was. First we hand pick our top 4 moments of the entire Red Bull Storm Chase.

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4th - Leon Jamaer making the podium

Leon showed serious balls when he struck the lip on so many critically late hits that he rightfully earned his place on the overall podium. His overall performance throughout the entire Red Bull Storm Chase is the reason why he earns his place in our top 4 moments.


3rd - Dany Bruch stalled forward

In Brandon Bay, Irealnd Dany Bruch took off on what looked to be a huge rocket-air, a massive gnarly wave projected him easily over 50ft skyward of his landing point and then as if that wasn't enough he pulled a forward loop on the way down. With it gusting over 70 knots there is a time and a place for forward loops and this just is not it! Dany may have just fallen short of the podium in Cornwall but he makes our podium with a well deserved 3rd place.

Danny Bruch - Action

2nd - Thomas Traversa winning all three events

Between first and second place we had a tough call to make, however purely because Traversa had enough no.1's from this series under his belt we decided to allocate our most gnarly moment to someone else.

Thomas Traversa (FRA) - Action

1st - Robby Swift and his insane pushloop-forward

Regarded as the most gnarliest moment by Traversa himself and many of the other competitors, the pushloop-forward that Robby stuck so perfectly in Ireland is without a doubt the most hardcore moment of the entire series, or do you disagree. We are open to your suggestions, leave your comments below.

When the head judge of the not just the RBSC series but also the PWA states that is the best pushloop-forward he has ever witnessed, it is hard to rule out how extreme and risky that move was. Seriously, when you watch it in the clip on the next page, what was he thinking...?


Enjoy our very own highlights produced by Alfie Hart. Feel free to share this to the wider world.