In this new series we will be catching up with many of the best in the business to pick their brains about why each component of windsurfing is so important and what factors of it you should really be considering concerning your set-up. First up is none other than Francisco Goya, founder and owner of the world famous Goya brand. We dived straight in with the big one and asked him about board choice. Here are his answers on what components of a board we should really be considering when it comes to choosing the right one to ride.

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Choosing the right size board will be the one that gives you the most fun, and takes you the least energy. In the past, the bigger boards weren’t able to get inside the the wave as the smaller volumes, but now all that has changed, our Custom Quad 104 litres is under 230cm in length, and 62cm width, and you are standing as far back as you would be on a surfboard that size. You can basically get as tweak inside as you want and still they have enough speed to make you want to race your buddies and think twice before hitting a full size ramp.


It all goes together, it is an instrument in tune. You are able to have the board shorter and not as wide because you share that volume with the thickness flow, still you are able to control the trim of the board by having the balance between the widest point of the board to the tail working together with the rocker and bottom shape, and the rail bringing it all together. Today boards are an evolution that it also goes together with the rig development, our new sails allow you to ride this shorter boards as they pull you more from the bottom forward, in short the sails have gotten more compact, balanced and lighter with still the same forward drive.


I think names and categories are easier sometimes for the market, on the other hand I feel they limit the gear in the eyes of the rider. In all of our gear we strive to make each one our dream product. So when I try the new "One Freewave" I’m looking for a powerful ride that gives me all the freedom even in on-shore conditions, still it needs to excite me on the turns or I’m going to make a new prototype until I can get that feeling. The same for the Custom Quad, it needs to carry me all around the spot as fast as I want or I’m flattening the bottom shape, outline, rocker, etc, whatever it takes, the boards need to get me amped up on its speed and control.


Our boards have gotten so short that mast track position has become very precise, as now you only have the widest part of the board for such a short distance it has become like standing on a ball, you have to stand on the board and feel naturally balanced. If you keep having to put pressure on your front foot to get (or keep) planning or having too much effort to turn then you need to move your mast position. You have to be able to close your eyes while standing on the board outside the straps just behind the mast track with the tip of the nose just clear of the water. That is the right setting for your body build and rig.

The new further back footstrap position has become a great advantage too, the back strap really turns them into surfboards. Also riding the front strap far back enough allows you to get tighter on the turns, too far back and you will have a harder time getting going or keeping your speed after a top or bottom turn, so finding that right balance for your build, sail size and conditions is key.