We continue to enjoy the talents of those who like to spend their time behind the lens. One such man is Jaanus Ree, who had the eye to snap these absolutely stunning shots. We caught up with the Estonian based freelance sports photographer about his passion to shoot windsurfers from all over the world. All we did was ask one simple question - Why do you love to take photos of windsurfing?

It's easier to describe a whole scene around windsurfing with one single photo than write a story or a blog about it.


More about Jaanus and his photography here - www.facebook.com/www.jree.ee

Check out Jaanus' top 5 shots over the next few pages, including a gallery at the end of the feature which shows off the likes of Tony Mottus, Chris Kalk and Yegor Propertinsky.

5. Ain Härmson @ Ristna

First ride of the year is always between icebergs but this year we started extremely early! I remember when I came back to the shore my hands were hurting so much that I thought they will fall off.


4. Krisjanis Tutans @ Ristna

It was the 4th January and maybe about 5 degrees Celsius outside, rain, snow and strong wind. Most of the guys didn't even think about going in.


3. Rider unknown @ Tallinn

I was shooting formula windsurfing competition and there was just a brief moment when the city was in shadow and the sun was shining directly on the rider.


2. Erno Kaasik @ Ristna, Estonia

Most of the photographers love shooting on the film, it gives something extra to the picture what no photoshop filter can do. It was one of the strongest storms in 2009 and I wanted to capture it on film. When I was developing it I used old chemicals and it left the film underexposed and slightly grainy, the outcome was something very different than the usual digital photos.


1. Yegor Popretinskiy @ Fuerteventura

This is one of my favourite windsurfing photos - I love playing with the light and in this photo I believe the light is almost perfect, illuminating the rider and also all the energy. It was shot during this summer in Fuerteventura, centre two lagoon. We had a night session with Tony Mõttus, Yegor and Christofer Kalk, they had to make their tricks between my girlfriend and Yegor's wife who were holding the flashes.


A bonus gallery of a few more incredible photos.