- Jamie Drummond

Jamie Drummond is a hot name on the freestyle scene, combining competition with training and working at one of the top summer windsurfing locations, Vassiliki. We follow Jamie for the day, finding out exactly what being an instructor in Vass entails.

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6.30-7.00am – Mooorning!

I’m a bit of a morning person, so I tend to get up fairly early in Vassiliki for breakfast, then it’s straight onto the computer to check emails/Facebook, liaise with sponsors, write articles, check the forecast and of course any fresh windsurf videos or gossip! I try to fit in a quick run or work out at least three times a week – I’m still recovering from a knee injury so lots of physio is key to get competition-ready again.

8.30am – Plan of Attack with the Team.

I then head down to the Ocean Elements centre and catch up with all of the other instructors. We have up to ten instruction groups running every day, so it’s important that everyone knows what’s going on before we go and open the beach.

10am – Sessions start.

Vass is a perfect location for beginners to get to grips with windsurfing. We have light onshore breezes in the mornings, so everybody can learn in a really safe environment. This week I’m leading a group of 16 beginners, as they take their first steps in greatest sport in the universe. That’s a fairly standard number week-in, week-out over the summer, how encouraging is that for the future of the sport?!

1pm – Luncheon.

An hour to refuel and get ready for the afternoon sessions. The wind is generally still pretty light at this time, so I might sneak out for a SUP or just enjoy a bit of down time instead!

2pm – Afternoon sessions, breeze on.

The local wind ‘Eric’ tends to kick in early afternoon and once the flags swing to cross shore it’s just a case of waiting for it to build. When the wind has filled in, Vass offers amazing conditions for intermediates right up to advanced plus sailors. I’m really lucky to be teaching here; most weeks I’ll be looking after the advanced group and coaching everything from carve gybes to jumps, loops and beyond. Upwind the water is super flat and further downwind there is some nice, organised chop, meaning there is something for everyone! I might break out the camera to accompany the on-water coaching and wrap up sessions with a video debrief (at the bar obviously!)

17.30 – Sunset – Playtime.

All teaching sessions are off the water by half-past five, meaning it’s either time to jump in a safety boat to cover freesailors, pack away kit or get in the tower for safety cover and bikini-watch. Come six o’clock and it’s playtime! If the wind is still blowing it’s time to head out on the water for a bit of training. There are a lot of good sailors based in Vass so there’s always somebody to go and have a sail with, plenty of banter and a good atmosphere on the water as standard.

After Dark – The Turbo Diaries

As well as being an incredible location for windsurfing, Vass really comes alive once the sun sets. If it’s a Thursday (or any other night!) the Ocean Elements Sky Bar is an awesome place to get the party started. Epic drinks offers and some memorable Caipirinhas from the one and only Ginger Chris. Following a swift warm-up it’s simply a question of deciding; into town to dominate the dance floor and throw some (dodgy) shapes? Or an early night? Tough call…


Find out more about Jamie and the rest of the Ocean Elements crew on their website: www.alpineelements.co.uk